Medical-Grade High-Transparency PC Material with Aluminum Alloy Cavity
    Flagship Dynamic Driver Unit
    Ultra-Smooth Surface Design and Low THD
    High-Performance Audio Decoder for DSP Tuning
    Ergonomic Wearing Design
    Impeccable cable and microphone quality
    Built-in High-Performance DSP Audio Decoding Chip
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Medical-Grade High-Transparency PC Material with Aluminum Alloy Cavity

TANCHJIM ONE is crafted with Medical-Grade High-Transparency PC Material and an Aluminum Alloy Cavity. The high-transparency shell combined with the aluminum alloy rear cavity enhances the overall aesthetics of the product, giving it a minimalist, fresh, and compact appearance. The rounded design at the edges further improves the tactile experience and adds a touch of softness to the product. Tailored for precise low-frequency control, allowing the bass to dive deeper, be more elastic, and not just a mere vibration of the entire sound field. Instead, it delivers a clear outline and pulsating sensation of the bass.

Flagship Dynamic Driver Unit

Featuring a combination of metal ball-tops and PU & PEEK composite material for the diaphragm, the earphones achieve a wider dynamic range and significantly reduce distortion, resulting in more solid imaging and positioning. Every piece of music is presented like a captivating story, creating an immersive audio experience.

Ultra-Smooth Surface Design

The extremely smooth surface design minimizes high-frequency acoustic damping on the inner walls of the sound cavity, effectively controlling sound scattering, improving sound transmission efficiency, and enhancing acoustic performance. This results in a more supple and linear rendition of the extreme high frequencies, with exceptional extension, clarity, and smoothness.

High-Performance Audio Decoder for DSP Tuning

TANCHJIM has optimized the professional tuning with consideration for market preferences. The ONE-DSP version utilizes a high-performance audio decoder for DSP tuning, featuring a smooth perception of the extreme high frequencies, well-controlled midrange, and enhanced low-frequency extension, all in line with TANCHJIM's target frequency response curve. Both the version with and without a microphone are designed to closely match the HARMAN 2019 target frequency response curve, comparable to flagship-level objective standards. The balanced three-frequency response is tuned to satisfy the majority of listeners' preferences, ensuring both monitoring accuracy and an enjoyable, long-lasting listening experience.

Ergonomic Wearing Design

Angled Straight-In Wearing Style, Coupled with Angled Sound Outlet, Ergonomic Design, and Precision Ear Canal Fit for Easy Plug-and-Play Convenience; while the Over-the-Ear Wearing Style is more suitable for audiophiles' wearing habits, with an ergonomic design that precisely matches the contour of the ear. The comfortable listening experience is beyond words.

Impeccable cable and microphone quality

With a 0.78mm detachable cable design, the cable is flexible, effectively preventing tangling and resisting pulling forces. The cable sheath is made of inert material, ensuring a smooth texture that doesn't knot easily. Just a shake, and it unravels effortlessly, while also improving the current transmission rate. The high-definition call microphone supports in-line control, fully meeting your daily needs.

Built-in High-Performance DSP Audio Decoding Chip

The chip inside the TYPE-C connector of the earphone features two channels of 24-bit high-performance DAC supporting 44.1kHz, 48kHz, and 96kHz sampling rate output. It includes a high-performance miniature earphone amplifier and a low-noise microphone circuit. The microphone recording even adopts a 24-bit 96kHz high-spec input. In addition, the rational application of DSP technology contributes to the exceptional audio quality experience of ONE-DSP. (Currently, ONE-DSP is being integrated with the TANCHJIM APP for tuning. Once the integration is complete, it will be available for tuning via the APP, just like ZERO-DSP.)

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TANCHJIM ONE Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency Range
Total Harmonic Distortion
Gold-plated non-magnetic plug
Peek&Pu Suspension Ti Dome
Cable Size
1.25m 3.5MM 0.78PIN
Cable Material
Litz Oxygen Free Copper Silver Plated + Litz Oxygen Free Copper Composite Coaxial Structure

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Eric Voropay
A Sonic Revelation (disappointed)

I've been using the Tanchjim One DSP in-ear monitors for the past four months, and I can confidently say they have completely transformed my listening experience. So good in fact that I got both the DSP and 3.5mm. From the moment I first plugged them in, I was blown away by their exceptional sound quality and clarity.

The Tanchjim One DSP and 3.5mm delivers a level of audio fidelity that far surpasses anything I've experienced with other earphones in this price range. The soundstage is expansive, allowing each instrument and vocal to be heard with remarkable detail and separation. Whether I'm listening to my favorite tracks or discovering new music, these never fails to impress.

One aspect of the Tanchjim One that immediately caught my attention is its build quality. The earpieces feel solid and well-constructed, with a sleek design that exudes sophistication. The detachable cable adds versatility, allowing me to easily switch between different audio sources without any hassle.

The unboxing experience of the Tanchjim One was nothing short of delightful. Opening the sleek packaging revealed a meticulously arranged ensemble of premium accessories. From the moment I laid eyes on the pouch, I knew I was in for a treat. Inside, an assortment of meticulously crafted eartips awaited, ensuring a customized fit for optimal comfort and sound isolation. It was evident that every detail was thoughtfully considered, enhancing the overall enjoyment of my unboxing experience.

However, I must mention that the connection point on the USB-C plug broke after some time. It was entirely my fault, as I frequently bent it too far when folding the earphones, which easily could have been avoided. Despite this setback, the overall durability of the Tanchjim One remains impressive, and I have no doubt that with proper care, they will continue to serve me well for years to come.

One minor disappointment was the absence of the waifu card, which was advertised in some reviews and images. While this may seem like a trivial issue, it left me feeling very let down, especially considering the otherwise exceptional experience I've had with these earphones.

In light of this, I've decided to explore other options, and I'm currently considering the Truthear Nova, which promises both outstanding sound quality and the inclusion of a waifu. Im eager to see how the Truthear Nova compares in terms of overall performance and value.

In conclusion, the Tanchjim One IEM's have exceeded my expectations in nearly every aspect. From their stellar sound quality to their premium build, they offer an unparalleled listening experience that has completely spoiled me for anything else. Despite a minor issue that I didn't receive the card, I wholeheartedly recommend the Tanchjim One's to anyone seeking audiophile-grade sound at an affordable price.

P.S. Forgot to mention the app. It really surprised me, and I can tune the DSP's to my liking. Crazy value for $30!! (Btw, these are my first wired headphones I've ever gotten.)

Jerome O'Flaherty
Amazing DSP options with great presets

Totally recommend this amazing IEM - I loved the DSP options and the simplisty of the mobile app in switching between profiles.

Thomas Hollan
A Sonic Journey Beyond the Stratosphere!

I recently stumbled upon the TANCHJIM ONE, and oh boy, these airbuds are an absolute game-changer! Move over, other brands, because TANCHJIM ONE has taken audio to a whole new dimension.

Let's talk sound quality. It's like having a personal concert in your ears. The bass thumps with the force of a rocket launch, the mids caress your eardrums like a gentle breeze, and the treble sparkles like stardust. I swear, I can hear the cosmic vibrations of the universe every time I put these babies in.

Now, the design. It's not just futuristic; it's practically extraterrestrial. The earbuds themselves look like they were reverse-engineered from alien technology, and the case? Oh, it's a mini spaceship for your sonic journey. I half-expect these things to levitate when I'm not using them.

Comfort is another level of space-age technology. I wore these for a 24-hour intergalactic flight, and my ears felt like they were on a first-class trip to the cosmos. The fit is so snug; it's like they were custom-made for my ears by intergalactic artisans.

And get this, the TANCHJIM ONE is not just a pair of airbuds; it's a fashion statement. I walked into a black-tie event wearing these, and suddenly, everyone wanted to know where they could get their hands on a pair. Move over, haute couture, because TANCHJIM ONE is the new trendsetter.

Connectivity is seamless, like communicating with a space station. No dropouts, no glitches—just a smooth, interstellar connection. I even tried using them in zero gravity, and the connection held up better than my spaceship's navigation system.

The battery life is mind-blowing. I listened to the complete works of every artist from Earth to Alpha Centauri, and these airbuds still had juice left. I'm convinced they're powered by a tiny, self-sustaining black hole.

In conclusion, the TANCHJIM ONE is not just a pair of airbuds; it's a cosmic experience. If you want to elevate your auditory senses to the next galaxy, look no further. TANCHJIM ONE has officially made me an audio astronaut. 10/10 would recommend for Earthlings and extraterrestrials alike! 🚀🌌

Good value and a useful novelty (DSP version)

Nicely sounding IEM, mildly V-shaped as most of its category, a little too much shimmer at the higher frequencies for my taste but nothing egregious. What makes it stand apart from its competitors is the possibility, when using the DSP version, to EQ the sound to your liking and store the sound profile on the DSP chip on the cable by using the Tanchjim app. This not only solves any issues with the frequency response (which most people will find perfectly adequate as is) but it also allows to do the same with other IEMs as long as you swap cables with the Tanchjim one.

Excellent earphones

I found the build quality good, I really appreciate the detachable wires, the sound is also really good. It as well comes with a small pouch to store it. I'm satisfied with my purchase, I found them to be an excellent value and had no issues getting it delivered.

Eric Voropay
Way better than any true wireless earbuds.

I love so much! I had Bluetooth earbuds for over a year, and when I put these on, it just blew my mind how much better they sound. For only $30, I could also change the type of sound thanks to the app. You can change the wire, but I don't need to cuz it's high quality. Well, you could doubt me as these are my first pair of IEM's, but whatever. It's worth it.

Emmett Whyte

Iike them so much dis is my second pair thanks 🙏👍

Robert Rukavina
Amazing concept

The dsp version works great, choose preset eq or tailor to your taste, this is the future of iem audio.

jonathan mcintosh
Boom tastic

Nice sound for my edm music creation balanced sound ..nice packaging and prompt delivery ...very happy will buy again from this company ...thank you

Andreas Schumertl
Very good for the price but can't register to the app

The sound they create is really good for the money, but to change the dsp settings you have to register to use the app. And you can't register if you live in Europe because the mobile number doesn't work! This is for Tanchjim: You should fix this issue - soon!!

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