Hi-Res Fully Balanced Low-noise Headphone Amplifier

  • High Output Power
  • Switchable Gain Control
  • Ultra-Compact Design
  • Precision Balanced Design
  • Comprehensive Protection and Quality
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High Output Power

Elevate your audio to new heights with the S.M.S.L VMV P2. This exceptional amplifier delivers a staggering 12W of output power at 16 ohms and a robust 6W at 32 ohms, ensuring that every note and beat is reproduced with precision and clarity.

Switchable Gain Control

Tailor your listening experience with ease using the switchable gain control. Whether you prefer high, medium, or low gain levels, the S.M.S.L VMV P2 offers flexibility to suit your audio source and preferences. The low gain setting is meticulously optimized for in-ear monitors (IEMs), providing an unparalleled audio experience.

Ultra-Compact Design

Perfect for desktop headset systems, the S.M.S.L VMV P2 boasts an ultra-compact design that won't clutter your workspace. Its sleek and space-saving form factor makes it an ideal companion for your audio setup.

Precision Balanced Design

Experience audio like never before with the S.M.S.L VMV P2's 4-way ultra-low distortion precision linear feedback circuit. With a total of 99 low-noise op-amps working in parallel, this amplifier ensures unparalleled audio fidelity, delivering your music as the artist intended.

Comprehensive Protection and Quality

The S.M.S.L VMV P2 goes above and beyond with its built-in high-efficiency and low-noise power supply system. This amplifier is equipped with high-quality relays and a no-impact sound design, ensuring seamless transitions and crystal-clear audio. Plus, it offers comprehensive protection features, including DC, overvoltage, and overload protection, safeguarding your equipment and your ears.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SMSL VMV P2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SMSL VMV P2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Balanced x1, Unbalanced x1
Headphone outputs
4.4mm Balanced x1, XLR 4 Pin x1,6.35mm unbalanced x1
Balance 1, unbalanced x1
Output Power
12W x 2 (16 Ω)6W x 2 (32 Ω)700mW x 2(300Ω)350mx2(600Ω)
Dynamic Range
-123dB, 0.00006% (1kHz, 32 Ω)
Input Impedance
AMP output Impedance
Near 0Ω
Pre-output Impedance
Balanced: 44ΩUnbalanced: 22Ω
Frequency Response
20Hz - 100kHz(-0.5dB)
Unbalanced: Low(-9dB), Middle(0dB), High(18dB)Balanced: Low(-3dB), Middle(6dB), High(24dB)
Power consumption(EN60065)
<60 W

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