SIMGOT SuperMix 4

1 DD+1 BA+1 Planar +1 PZT Hybrid Drivers Earphones

  • Innovative Four-Driver Hybrid Configuration
  • High-Performance Low-Frequency Dynamic Driver
  • Superior Mid-Frequency Balanced Armature Driver
  • High-Frequency Planar Magnetic and PZT Drivers
  • Precision Tuning and Advanced Acoustic Design
  • Elegant Design and High-Quality Cable
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Innovative Four-Driver Hybrid Configuration

The SuperMix 4 features a luxurious configuration of four different driver types: one dynamic driver (DD), one balanced armature (BA), one planar magnetic driver, and one piezoelectric (PZT) transducer. This carefully constructed four-in-one matrix acoustics architecture allows for precise frequency response adjustment and overall balance. The dynamic driver utilizes a 10mm high-polymer diaphragm to deliver powerful, detailed low frequencies, while the BA, planar, and PZT drivers each contribute to a seamless, unified sound signature, providing an enchanting auditory experience.

High-Performance Low-Frequency Dynamic Driver

Specially developed for the SuperMix 4, the 10mm dynamic driver boasts a high-elastic suspension system and long-stroke design, combined with a custom high-polymer nano-diaphragm. Through extensive simulation and experimentation, a powerful magnetic circuit system was created. This driver ensures robust and natural low frequencies, enhancing the overall listening experience with rich, immersive bass that integrates perfectly with the BA and other drivers, resulting in a coherent and natural sound.

Superior Mid-Frequency Balanced Armature Driver

The large balanced armature driver in the SuperMix 4 stands out for its full-range response and natural tonal quality. Unlike smaller BA drivers that might produce less dense or artificial-sounding vocals, this large BA unit delivers lush, smooth mids and highs with high density and refined detail. It captures subtle nuances such as breath and articulation, making vocals deeply emotive and realistic.

High-Frequency Planar Magnetic and PZT Drivers

The micro planar magnetic driver in the SuperMix 4 covers high frequencies with low distortion and wide bandwidth, offering rich detail and natural tonal quality. Compared to electrostatic drivers, it is easier to drive and enhances high-frequency detail effortlessly. Additionally, the PZT piezoelectric transducer, with its multi-layer ceramic coating and copper substrate, extends the high and ultra-high frequencies, reducing mechanical noise and enhancing airiness and resolution, providing a refined and intricate sound.

Precision Tuning and Advanced Acoustic Design

SuperMix 4 employs advanced tuning techniques, combining independent sound paths with an RC four-way crossover. This design minimizes phase inconsistencies and distortion, ensuring smooth and continuous frequency response. Using 3D-printed resin housings and CNC-machined metal parts, each driver has a separate acoustic duct for precise sound control. This meticulous approach allows for accurate frequency division and tuning, resulting in a balanced and natural sound signature that caters to both Hi-Fi enthusiasts and professional musicians.

Elegant Design and High-Quality Cable

The SuperMix 4 combines a sleek, black translucent resin shell with a matte metal faceplate for both aesthetic and acoustic benefits. Its ergonomic design, based on extensive 3D ear data, ensures a comfortable and secure fit. It includes a high-quality, detachable 0.78mm 2-pin oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable, enhancing sound clarity and separation. The cable's lightweight, durable design ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. The innovative design, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship make the SuperMix 4 both an auditory marvel and a stylish accessory.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SIMGOT SuperMix 4
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SIMGOT SuperMix 4 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product Name
SuperMix 4
Driver Configuration
1 DD+1 BA+1 Planar +1 PZT
7.2Ω±15% (@1kHz)
120dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
Frequency Range
Effective Frequency Response
0.78mm 2-pin
Shell Craftsmanship
High-Precision Resin 3D Printing
Cable Material
Litz Structure High-Purity Oxygen-Free Copper Silver-Plated Wire
3.5mm Unbalanced Plug

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