SeeAudio Yume II

1DD + 2BA Hybrid In Ear Earphones

    Dynamic Driver Coated with Redesgined Optimized Liquid Silicon Diaphragm
    Knowles RAD Series Tweeter + Sonion 2300 BA
    3D Printing Technology in Aviation Grade Alumium Alloy Shell
    Appiled with Low Frequency Filter Conversion Pro Technology
    Clean Accurate and Smooth Response For the Consistency on Hi-Fi Exprience
    High-Purity 6N OFC Silver-Plated Cable
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High-End Level Woofer Dynamic Driver

Featuring a high-level woofer DD with redesigned optimized "liquid silicone" diaphragm, the SeeAudio Yume II has the adaptability to the vast majority of the market. It means that the volume can be increased by tweenty-seven percent, and the impedance can be reduced by forth precent. Besides, this "liquid silicone" diaphragm low frequency unit used in the Yume series has an amplitude of more than 2 times that of the ordinary diaphragm to provide better dynamics. And being extremely insensitive to temperature and humidity, it can maintain the same SPL and phase in the laboratory under almost all climatic conditions, as well as stable Kms and extremely low distortion.

Knowles RAD Series Tweeter

Equipped with RAD series tweeter from Knowles, the Yume II characterizes an extraordinary audio performance. Thanks to the top precision 3D printing technology, this earphone can be placed in a more suitable position. With the transformation made, the Yume II can optimize high frequency, making the sound even more resolving.

Brilliant Sonion 2300 Balanced Armature

Utilizing the most distinctive part of the Sonion 2300 BA unit, the SeeAudio Yume II features the least distortion and the smoothest impedance to make the mid-to-high frequency part responsible for it, smooth and fast without losing the sense of musicality. And at the same time, the SeeAudio can perfectly avoid harshness through precise frequency division.

3D Printing Technology & L.F.C Pro Technology

Following acoustic internal structural components with ultra-high accuracy, the Yume II offers better acoustic consistency with high quality. Meanwhile, this earphone features a smaller size and a better wearing feeling. By adding a precisely designed low-pass cavity between the DD unit and the sound-guiding capillary, L.F.C makes the advantages of the DD unit better play, while reducing the interference to the BA unit, and improving the phase consistency. The dominant frequency band has a cleaner acoustic performance. L.F.C Pro can perfectly control the low-frequency listening sense by adjusting a micro air hole in the low-pass cavity to balance the air pressure inside and outside the ear.

High-Purity 6N OFC Silver-Plated Detachable Cable

Standard with a 6N OFC silver-plated cable, the Yume II can provide an excellent acoustic performance for the users. After rigorous tensile testing, this earphone has the ability of good softness to ensure comfort of wearing by creating a more relaxed and natural atmosphere.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SeeAudio Yume II
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SeeAudio Yume II Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

102dB ±1dB SPL/mW
17 Ω
20Hz - 20kHz
≤ 2%
1DD + 2BA
6N OCC silver plating

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Customer Reviews

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Well-balanced warm sound. Luxurious packaging

The SeeAudio Yume II offer excellent balance, a warm sound without a sense of fatigue from listening, and a high level of satisfaction in a luxurious package. However, many may find the resolution and sense of detail to be lacking.

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