Reecho&Peacock Audio Summer

2DD Custom Dual Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphones

    Equipped with the Reecho self-developed coaxial structure 8mm dynamic driver
    A special dynamic driver of the breakthrough aluminum annular diaphragm
    Unparalleled Handmade Craftsmanship
    Detachable OFC 2 Pin Cable
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Reecho&Peacock Audio Co-brand IEM

Following the Spring, the Four Seasons family embraces a new member, Summer. Inspired by the sound of nature and the four seasons, Reecho and Peacock jointly created this marvelous HiFi in ear monitor which blows the market with its gorgeous chinoiserie handmade cavity and outstanding performance. Summer is created based on the summer blue sea and the wind, the color scheme is blue embedded with shimmering elements. It’s like the glowing sand and sea under the sun

Professional 2DD Driver.

Equipped with the Reecho self-developed coaxial structure 8mm dynamic driver, same as Spring, along with the independent dynamic driver design, this model delivers a unbelievable ductility, fast response and restoration of sound. Tuned with balanced three frequency this earphone suits for most music style and feel free to choose it

Unique Aluminum Annular Diaphragm.

This model adopts a special dynamic driver of the breakthrough aluminum annular diaphragm, bringing easy control in low frequency transient and better resolution. With the separate cavity, the dynamic driver takes advantage of coaxial driver to deliver a broad sound field.

Unparalleled Handmade Craftsmanship.

The Summer earphone not only takes advantage of the unique hand painted skill from Peacock audio but also embedded it with Reecho audio high standard of ergonomics design based on more than 300 real ear canal data to reach a supreme comfort wearing experience. Each tiny pattern and textures can be seen through like a vivid picture in front of you. Comfortable and snug fit is so satisfactory that you won’t want to get away from it even for a second

Detachable OFC 2 Pin Cable

The Summer adopts the same high quality cable as Spring, the Moon Model which is made from the mixed braided high purity OFC cable. The 8 core Liz braiding technique and antioxidantion copper connector all make this cable an excellent one to deliver a deep bass and high resolution mids

Inside the Box

  • -Earphone*1
  • Storage box*1
  • Colombian eartips*8
  • Memory foam eartips*4
  • -Reecho-AET07*6

1 Year Warranty

The Reecho&Peacock Audio Summer Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Dual Dynamic Driver
Reecho&Peacock Audio Summer
0.78mm 2Pin
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Hahn (CHI-FIEAR)
Hot and Cold

>> .. The dual driver clearly has its strengths in the bass reproduction. It is very precise, detailed and fast. The good three dB more compared to the SPRING (when the two frequency responses at 1 kHz are superimposed) are very beneficial to the bass. The bass retains its very good technical characteristics, but gets more authority in the subrange and a fuller punch. This allows it to provide sufficient level to any genre without ever overdriving or overshadowing other areas...

... Basically, I like the mids of the SUMMER almost even better than those of the SPRING, which can sometimes seem a bit thinner. However, the prominent trebles of the SUMMER have a say in this respect, which means that I can't always speak of a relaxed listening experience, although the mids alone can't be blamed for this and would have much more potential with reduced trebles, and even really impress with their clarity, resolution and separation....

... Yes, the SUMMER is bright and the peak around 6 kHz is clearly audible, but still mostly bearable. This range gives more presence to some instruments, but also voices, which sometimes seems a bit unnatural, but at the same time provides a distinct transparency. This can cause astonishment, but sometimes unfortunately also leads to lowering the volume to be able to hear the song further... <<
Full review:


I actually like the blue clear shell design (matches the ocean/summer theme pretty well).
Personally, I would hand paint the bottom of the shell golden like the beach and leave some areas unpainted to represent the ocean. The shell is also larger than all previous Peacock Audio IEMs. This one fits my ears better.

As for the sound, I like it more than the Spring (just my personal preference). However, the treble spikes are clearly noticeable and in some songs (depends on the singer), vocals are full of noises like "cicici, chichichi" which sounds horrible. NOT ALL SONGS are like that thou.

I still will buy the rest of the series without hesitation. I do believe they will improve :)

-1 star for the look; I think it can be easily improved with just a little more detail.
-1 star for the sound; mainly the 6K. I do like V, but +13 or +15db is too much.

Andrew WeirdChamp
Better than the spring

The Paint job is prettier than the spring (we can see the internals which we cant in the spring).
Besides the frequency response of the spring was rather boring. The Deep V is exactly too my taste. (Bought this as as soon as it was released)

Andrew Yip
Not as good as the Spring

The paint job is worst than the Spring version (only the top part is painted unlike with the Spring where the whole body is painted). Besides that, the frequency response is a steep V which really isn't to my taste. Hopefully the next releases are better (I won't be buying them till reviews come out for them unlike with the Summer where I impulsed ordered it with express shipping as soon as it was released)

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