Fully Balanced High End DAC

    R2R array DAC, true balance
    Multiple input interfaces to meet the needs of different groups
    Using Alter master control, ARM HIgh-Performance chip
    Packaged linear power supply, o-core transformer
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R2R Array DAC True Balance

R-2R network controL decoding linear error, high decoding speed, Low digital noise, not only to ensure low distortion of the audio signal, but also to ensure very Low background noise music.

Self-Developed Technology

Make the sound more outstanding. Using self-developed and designed digital filters, which can greatly increase dynamic contrast, analysis, and more natural and delicate timbre, etc.

Multiple ports and multiple options

DRACO has a complete digital audio input interface that supports high-definition audio decoding and pLayback output. The digital input is equipped with optical fiber, USB, 125, AES Balance, and Coaxial. It can meet the needs of different people for the use of equipment.

Tailored for the sound

Using the main control ALTERA high-efficiency chip, the audio signal transmission is not distorted and the sound quality can reach the HIFI standard hardware. The simple design makes the signaL circuit reach a more ideaL state, and the sense of hearing is more cLear and balanced than the traditionaL design.

Warm Tips

The burn-in time of PEGASUS DACs is one week: Standby or Powered on 24/7 (300 hours), you will get the best performance after the enough aging hours.

Connecting RCA or XLR output simultaneously is not recommended, it will degrade the sound quality because they are shared. Even if the downstream equipment is on/off, the output signal will still be transmitted to the input stage of the downstream device.

If possible, please use the XLR output. As a ture balanced DAC, the XLR output of Draco will be more superior.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x MUSICIAN Draco R2R DAC
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The MUSICIAN Draco R2R DAC Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

1x I2S LVDS via HDMI
1x Coaxial
1x Optical Toslink
1x AES
1x USB-B
1x Single-ended RCA
1x Balanced XLR
PCM Output voltage (@ 0dB, 1kHz)
XLR : 2.8Vrms
RCA : 1.4Vrms
DSD Output voltage (@ 0dB, 1kHz)
XLR : 2Vrms
RCA : 1Vrms
XLR : 0.0016%
RCA : 0.007%
XLR : 126dB
RCA : 111dB
Frequency response @ +1/-3dB
XLR : 10Hz-85kHz
RCA : 10Hz-85kHz
Resolution @ A-Weighting
XLR : 110dB
RCA : 119dB
XLR : 0.016°
RCA : 0.031°
Output noise
XLR : 1.3µVrms
RCA : 4µVrms
Consumption @ 0dB, 1kHz, 230VAC
Case material

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Wei
Best bang for the buck

Piss me off i 've been listening to delta sigma crap all these years Dxpro 7 and upgraded with Sparkos 3602 opamp (Was impressive until r2r just blows it away.). R2r is a revolution scale for classical and vocal music tastes. Only complaint is why the lousy driver support: Lack of a functional driver from their support website, as it automatically takes microsoft's usb hires audio which offers no Asio. Can't complain for what i'm getting that's what matters it's working and i love it. It impressed me out of the box and it's not even burn in yet 300 hours.

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