MUSICIAN Andromeda

Fully balanced pure class A Headphone Amplifier

    Ultra-low noise linear power supply, power supply voltage automatic switching
    Fully balanced design architecture
    Built-in aluminum heat sink
    Drive 150-600Ω Headphones
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Pure class A headphone amplifier

Andromeda’ s driving ability is very powerful, it can easily drive any headphones with an impedance between 150 -600Ω, and can continuously output 350mW of undistorted power to a 600Ω load, meeting the needs of difficult-to-drive headphones.

O-Type single crystal copper transformer

Andromeda continues to optimize and impro the power supply. The 0—type single crystal copper transformer used can provide a higher dynamic range, and the sound performance is enough to match any earphone. It also uses the same good technology of Pegasus DAC power supply voltage automatic switching, Fast recovery of ultra-low noise linear power supply.

Fully Balanced Design Architecture

The circuit design of the whole machine adheres to the shortest audio path, focusing on the concept of fine generation and multiplication, and sound quality. It adopts a fully balanced design architecture, adopts a large dynamic range, high conversion rate, low harmonic distortion, and a pure Class A amplifier circuit with good frequency characteristics. Make the sound more pure without losing the details of the music, ensuring the true reproduction of the micro dynamics of the music.

Aluminum Heat Sink

The built-in aluminum heat sink can realize heat dissipation and make the operation mo stable.

Andromeda fully balanced amplifier

Andromeda headphone amplifier is a matching entry-level headphone amplifier launched by MUSICIAN for Pegasus DAC. Andromeda and Pegasus have the same chassis width and depth, no matter in size or sound quality, they can match very well.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x MUSICIAN Andromeda
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The MUSICIAN Andromeda Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Output power
3.8W (32 Ω load) (1kHz, 1% distortion), 350MW (600 Ω load) (1kHz, 1% distortion)
Signal to noise ratio
Residual noise
3UV (A-weighted)
Thd + N
0.00079%(10H-80KHz).32Ω/1% Distorted output
Frequency response
Standby power consumption
Static power consumption of the whole machine (W)
7.1W/230V, 7.05W/115V
Chassis size
248 * 55 * 265mm (w * h * d)
Net weight

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