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Flagship Level 10-Unit Hybrid Technology Earphones

    1DD+4BA Configuration
    Ergonomic Design
    Physical Noise Reduction
    Bluetooth 5.2 high-speed transmission
    The total usage time is about 20 hours
    Widely compatible with various Bluetooth devices
    * Note: Please do NOT use fast-charging adapters
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1DD+4BA independent frequency divider circuit, external DSP sound blessing

The KZ VX10's balanced armature unit has the characteristics of clear vocals and delicate analysis. The upgraded balanced armature unit has a more sensitive performance. The purity, analysis, extension, and cohesion of the sound have been greatly improved.

10MM dual magnetic dynamic low-frequency power strengthened again

Dual magnetic dynamic has better bass and low-frequency extension than ordinary dynamic. Provide a more comprehensive frequency response, inject surging power into the music. KZ VX10 gives you an immersive experience.

Customized ergonomic design shape design

KZ VX10 feels like personal customized earphones that bring a comfortable wearing feeling. After being worn correctly, it can effectively reduce the interference of external environmental noise and enjoy music.

Bluetooth 5.2 + Game Mode

Triple-click the earphone to switch the mode. Turn on the game mode, and the earphones' delay is as low as 0.058s. Compared to the traditional game mode, the delay is reduced by 70%, and the 3D surround immersive experience.

Unlimited Listening

KZ VX10's use time is up to 4 hours, with a charging case for continuous listening for 20 hours.

High-Performance Touch Sensing

Smart touch, touch is what you want, no mobile phone needed: Last Song, Next Song, Pause.

Play / Pause- Click on the earphone
Last Song /Next Song- Double-click on the left/right earphone
Start Siri- Long press for 2 seconds
Answer/Hang-up- Click on the earphone
Refuse the call- Long press for 2 seconds when calling
Game mode-Triple-click on the earphone

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ VX10
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ VX10 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the True Wireless Earbuds only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth Range
~ 15 meters
Frequency response
Audio codecs
Charging bin capacity
Earphone battery capacity
Earphone battery life
about 4h
Charging bin battery life
about 20h

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Daniel Bernath

Great earbuds, sadly the left earbud started having problems and sounds weaker for no reason and I need to replace it but it's still a great earbud and definitely worth the money.

Donnie Darko
Best TWS I've owned

It took me twice to get it right. The first pair had a left right channel issue but after returning them second pair sound fantastic and not not just for the money or for tws they just sound good. They remind me of the ZS10pro but more refined.

They fit perfectly in my ears but I hate the stock eartips

Gideon L.
Just don't buy!

I got these thinking they had impressive specs for the price but got really disappointed. They have a constant static noise that is very much audible and makes the listening experience just terrible. I got 2 samples expecting the first pair to be DOA but the others were the same no matter what device I connected them to.

Just don't buy them and save yourself the hassle

these are pretty crappy

There's a weird white noise when the sound is low and the build quality is cheep. Sound it pretty alright. Get somting else I do not recommend

David Leon Barroso

Todo bien perfecto muy buenos auriculares


Cosinserinf how well KZ usually scores in reviews and how satisfied my friends were with their WIRED kz headphones I wanted to know what the fuzz was about. I bought these because I already have a pair of Audio Technical ATH-E40s that I am satisfied with, and wanted to try a pair of wireless earphones.

Sound is okay, nothing more nothing less. Don’t buy these because of music, buy them because they are cheap. I wasn’t expecting more for this price either.

The first pair I received didn’t pair properly and Linsoul sent me another pair that worked fine.

The biggest problem is the annoying white noice in the background, it hears through the quiet parts of the music and completely destroys more quiet songs.

So conclusion:
I don’t recommend these earphones and I am not satisfied with the product at all.

Jasmine Lathia
Waste of money

I just order and got faulty KZ VX 10 earbud..

Andrew Williams
Such great value for money!

Extremely happy with them. The audio is crystal clear, the range is excellent.
The only negative feedback I can give is the lack of volume control… you have to adjust it on your phone. Also, the volume is extremely loud which is great however the higher frequencies tend to stand out a bit. The eq could have been slightly flatter.
But I recommend these to everyone. A fantastic buy!!!

They're good

For their price and the time it took for them to be delivered I'd say their pretty good. Would prefer firmer ear pieces but other than that it's fine

J. Craig Hanzelka
Slippery as F!!

Let me start out by saying that I've reviewed MANY earbuds and do not mince my words. I will always give my honest opinions good or bad. I feel it's important to mention that I am never paid or receive anything for free.
That being said:
I bought these back in early November hoping that these would be an alternative to some of your great wired EIM's. Having purchased a myriad of wireless Bluetooth headphones over the past 4 years, none seemed to offer the true sound quality I've grown accustomed to.
I can start off by stating that this pair of "Flagship Level" KZ VX10 are an abject failure!! Let's start off with the case: sure it's a circular design. But its opening is very small and requires the use of both hands and fingernails to open it! I have large hands and fumble every time I attempt to open it. Ok, not your fault that I've got "jumbo" hands...
Now let's talk about the actual earbuds: another failure..! The openings are also SUPER TINY! One has to use your pinky finger to remove them but, due to the BEYOND SLIPPERY nature of the outside coating of earbuds, they merely fall out of the holding slots. No matter the size of my hands, these earbuds are so poorly designed that I cannot grasp them due to that design problem. That for me is enough to return them. Sadly, the customer service is so terrible (I am in the USA)that it's not worth it.
As far as the sound quality goes, I am far from an audio expert but, the "10 drivers" claim that is boldly emblazoned on each earbud seems like a farce. The sound profile is equal to a lower end Anker Soundcore earbud. I own three different pairs of Soundcore and two are definitely better than this set...
Not quite sure why this company uses the phrase "Flagship Level".
But, such verbage is used to entice a buyer worldwide..
While these claim to be ergonomic, they start to annoy my ears after 30 minutes of wearing them. I always discard the sub par rubber silicone inserts and instead use the memory foam tips I religiously order from a company on Amazon as they are quite comfortable, block out outside noise, and better mold to my ear canals. Even with these in, the earbud never seems to fit right. So much for ergonomic.
My review above may sound harsh to some. It's my truths and honest opinions. Perhaps if the slippery parts and ergonomics were addressed, this review might be different. Like the rest of the disappointed Bluetooth earbuds I own, these too will be shelved. It's a pity because I was really looking forward to these being "the ones".
Guess I should have waited until there were reviews from others before purchasing. Looks like I am the first. Perhaps mine will save others some time and money.
Ps: the battery is very low and requires more than one charge a day. Otherwise you are greeted with "Battery Low".. Why does every earbud company use an annoying women's voice??

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