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KZ Merga

Dual-Dynamic Driver IEMs

  • Advanced Dual-Dynamic Driver Technology
  • Single-Sided Dual-Driver Configuration
  • Superior Engineering for Premium Audio Performance
  • Professional Electronic Frequency Division
  • Unique Dual Dynamic Driver Stacking Structure
  • Minimalist and Transparent Design
  • Durable and Replaceable Cable Design
  • Classic Ergonomic Fit
  • Available in Two Audiophile-Grade Cable Versions
  • Efficient Single-Button In-Line Control
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Advanced Dual-Dynamic Driver Technology

The KZ Merga earphones utilize dual-dynamic drivers to achieve superior sound accuracy. Low-frequency and mid-high frequency sounds are delivered by separate units, ensuring that the deviation from 20Hz to 200Hz is controlled to 8dB or higher, and between 200Hz and 1kHz within 2dB. This precision is unattainable by single-driver earphones, showcasing the superiority of the dual-dynamic driver's acoustic solution.

Single-Sided Dual-Driver Configuration

The KZ Merga features a 10mm super-linear inner magnetic driver for powerful, clear bass, and an 8mm high-performance driver for crisp, detailed mids and highs. An electronic crossover on the PCB ensures accurate frequency separation, enhancing overall sound clarity and reducing distortions. The earphones' skin-friendly resin housing with a transparent black resin cover not only looks sleek but also contributes to superior acoustics, ensuring comfort during extended listening sessions.

Superior Engineering for Premium Audio Performance

The proprietary 8mm driver exceeds the performance of common 10mm dynamic drivers, boasting specifications of 330 impedance and 104 dB sensitivity. This exceptional output highlights our advanced acoustic tuning and research and development capabilities, setting new standards in earphone technology.

Professional Electronic Frequency Division

KZ Merga adopts PCB electronic crossover technology to maximize each driver's performance. This technology optimizes the performance potential within the most suitable frequency range for each driver, ensuring vividly displayed highs, mids, and lows.

Unique Dual Dynamic Driver Stacking Structure

Featuring a unique architectural design, the KZ Merga stacks a 10mm super-linear inner magnetic dynamic driver atop an 8mm high-performance driver. This compact structure enhances comfort and delivers exceptional sound quality, offering a smaller, more ergonomic fit while preserving the detailed audio quality KZ is renowned for.

Minimalist and Transparent Design

The cavity of the KZ Merga is crafted from transparent black resin, resembling pure and radiant black crystals. This design not only showcases the intricate internal structure but also combines technological craftsmanship with aesthetic transparency, creating a visually stunning appearance.

Durable and Replaceable Cable Design

The KZ Merga features a sturdy, replaceable cable design, allowing for easy cable upgrades and replacements to suit various usage scenarios, significantly extending the earphones' lifespan.

Classic Ergonomic Fit

With an around-the-ear design and lightweight resin material, combined with skin-friendly soft silicone ear tips, the KZ Merga offers a comfortable fit that conforms well to the ear shape, providing a comfortable listening experience.

Available in Two Audiophile-Grade Cable Versions

KZ Merga offers two cable options: a silver-plated version that enhances conductivity for a purer and brighter sound, and an OFC flat cable version that retains balanced and neutral sound qualities for a rich and smooth audio experience.

Efficient Single-Button In-Line Control

The single-button in-line remote simplifies music and call management, allowing for straightforward operation without the need to reach for your device.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ Merga
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ Merga Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

KZ Merga
Frequency Range
20-40000 Hz
Cable Type
Silver-plated, OFC
33 ohm
Plug Type
Cable Length
120+5 cm
104 dB
Pin Type
Wearing Type

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