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Single Dynamic Driver In-Ear monitor

  • Super-linear dynamic driver
  • Outstanding acoustic performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Professional-grade oxygen-free copper cable
  • Detachable cable design
  • High-definition microphone
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Another Round Of Evolution And Upgrade Of EDX Series

The classic EDX series has always won global users' trust with its outstanding performance, stable quality, and extremely high cost-effectiveness. With this new Kz EDX Pro X, we have maintained the original advantages while comprehensively improving various performance indicators to provide an even better user experience

Super-Linear Dynamic Driver

Through precise acoustic design and rigorous material selection, we have successfullyoptimized the internal structure of the dynamic driver, achieving linearization of thesound propagation path. This innovation reduces sound distortion, broadens thedynamic range, and provides a richer, more delicate sound quality. lt brings you anunprecedented listening experience.

Excellent Resolution Of Sound Details

With its remarkable sound detail resolution, the KZ EDX Pro X allows you to experience richer and more authentic emotions while listening to music. This exceptional capability in sound detail resolution is attributed to our advanced audio processing technology and precise acoustic design. We have thoroughly optimized the product's internal structure, ensuring that every note is accurately captured and presented

The Highly Sensitive And Dynamically Powerful Low-Frequency Output Resonates With Every Beat

Whether you're enjoying the energetic beats of rock music or immersing yourself in the profound melodies of electronic music, KZ EDX Pro X can deliver an unparalleled and immersive audio experience, providing you with deep and powerful bass sensations.

Professional Acoustic Tuning To Meet All Needs Of Audiophiles

KZ EDX Pro X features a high-quality dynamic driver and precise acoustic chamber design. It undergoes precise adjustments for different frequency sounds to ensure accurate responses in low, mid, and high frequencies, providing superior audio performance.

Continuing The Classic And Upgrading The Appearance Design Once Again

KZ EDX Pro X retains the original classic design elements while innovating and upgrading. The combination of transparent resin and metal decoration throughout the body is lightweight yet sturdy, providing the ultimate comfort.

Stable And Sturdy 2-Pin Interchangeable Cable Design

The interchangeable cable design allows you to easily replace different types of cables according to various usage scenarios and needs to enhance sound quality and extend the earphone's lifespan.

Classic Ergonomic Design

Based on the KZ team's years of experience in Hi-Fi earphone manufacturing, the KZ EDX Pro X combines a minimalist transparent aesthetic appearance with outstanding acoustic performance, providing a more comfortable wearing experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ EDX Pro X
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ EDX Pro X Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Plug type
Pin type
Cable type
Flat transparent black cable
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The EDX Pro X is the best of the EDX series which I have listened to

I purchased the EDX Pro in March 2022. Even though I generally enjoyed listening to the EDX Pro, its overall sound signature was too V shaped such that vocals and the midrange sounded a bit too recessed. Additionally, the upper midrange and treble became sibilant at higher volume levels due to the uncontrolled peaks in the frequency response for the upper midrange and treble.

I subsequently purchased the EDX Ultra in July 2022. I was excited about this purchase since the frequency response graphs on squiglink were very close to the Hawaii Bad Boy (HBB) tuning target. The HBB tuning target is my preferred tuning for IEMs. Even though the EDX Ultra's overall tuning was ideal for me, KZ's use of both tuning paper and tuning mesh resulted in a somewhat veiled overall sound. I think that the tuning paper is what added some veil to the overall sound. The musical details are present, yet the musical details did not sound like they were crisply defined. Note that the slightly veiled overall sound of the EDX Ultra does make this IEM a relaxing IEM to listen to when you are tired.

I have not tried the new EDX Lite since the frequency response graphs on squiglink indicate that the EDX Lite is a basshead IEM.

I stumbled across the EDX Pro X on Amazon. Linsoul was the seller and there was a discount coupon. I decided to try the new EDX Pro X, which I received yesterday. I was instantly impressed with the overall sound signature and the crisp details of the EDX Pro X. This budget IEM definitely hits above its price point. I consider this to be a notable achievement for KZ. The EDX Pro X comes with slightly different eartips in comparison to either the EDX Pro or the EDX Ultra. Although the medium size eartips did fit okay, these eartips were very slightly too big, yet the small size eartips would not provide a proper seal. I quickly switched to third party eartips from my magic box of eartips which had a very similar bore size as the stock eartips, yet fit more comfortably in my ears. If I find eartips in the box which magically pair extremely well with a set of IEMs, then it is magic. This is why I call my box of eartips the magic box of eartips. The stock and third party eartips sounded exactly the same. The only difference was that the third party eartips were more comfortable in my ears.

So how does the EDX Pro X sound in terms of the overall frequency response? It sounds exactly like the KZ graph for the EDX Pro X, which is shown in their product listing on their website for this IEM and which Linsoul also shows in their product listing for this IEM on Amazon. The rise for the pinna gain peaks at 2 kHz, yet quickly drops off a bit in the 3 kHz to 4 kHz region. This results in a lively overall sound signature which avoids a peak for the pinna gain being in the 3 kHz to 4 kHz region which would be sibilant for me. There is some very slight recession in the midrange such that vocals are very slightly recessed. Female vocals sound particularly nice, clean and crisp. The overall sound signature, at least for me, is not fatiguing when I am wide awake, and is remarkably detailed. I also note that the bass and lower midrange does not become noticeably muddy on really busy classic rock tracks. In fact, I am rather impressed with how well the bass and lower midrange retains its fidelity such that it is able to compliment the fidelity for everything above the lower midrange. This caused me to pause and use a loupe to look at the filters in the EDX Pro X nozzles. I noted that, unlike the EDX Ultra, KZ is not using any tuning papers. Instead, KZ is instead using very fine metal screen tuning mesh filters inside the EDX Pro X nozzles to achieve the desired overall sound signature. The end result is a very nice yet slightly energetic overall tuning in terms of presence which also is remarkably detailed and which holds slightly back from causing actual sibilance issues for me at loud volume levels.

Note that my attached photo shows the EDX Pro X with third party eartips and with a third party cable since I do not like right angle cables for the 3.5mm plug.

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