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3-in-1 Set Single Dynamic Driver Professional HiFi IEM

    High-End Single Dynamic Driver
    Extraordinary Craftsmanship
    Ergonomic Design ideal for use for long hours
    High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable With 2-pin Connectors
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Value For Money, 3-in-1 Set

A professional KZ technical team designed a set of KZ EDA dynamic earphones with various combo settings. Pay the price for one earphone, but get three sets of different tuning to satisfy all your Hi-Fi music demands. KZ EDA earphones set has a professional acoustic tuning with an accurate frequency crossover to achieve excellent sounds performance.You get Bass-heavy tuning with the Gold ones, a balanced profile with the Silver ones, and a detailed, high-resolution tuning with the Green EDA.

High-End Single Dynamic Driver

We optimized the core components of KZ EDA for each frequency band to achieve its excellent performance in different frequency bands. 0.15mm magnetic gap brings stronger output performance and lowers distortion rate. A customized 0.035mm diameter loop makes the driver vibration frequency more stable and efficient. A single temperature-controlled forming diaphragm with a thickness of 4.8 microns reduces the vibration attenuation of the driver and improves the transient performance of KZ EDA.

Extraordinary Craftsmanship

The middle frame of KZ EDA is made of high-rigidity metal material, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and not easy to deform.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design brings about 26dB passive noise cancellation. Shell is made from imported resin, reliable and durable. Small and comfortable cavity design without pressure on your ear, ideal for use for long hours.

High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable With 2-pin Connectors

The silver plating process makes the conductor have higher signal transmission efficiency. It brings better clarity to KZ EDA. Restore high-fidelity sound.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ EDA
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ EDA Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Gold color
Bass Version
Silver color
Balanced Version
Green color
Hi-Res Version

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christopher Ator
A great starter kit (The "balanced" one is the best)

I already own several KZ IEMs, but I have them connected to Bluetooth adapters. I wanted a back up set to keep wired just for my home office.

Gold set: Bass forward just as suggested. it is honestly great for the price if you want a slightly bassy IEM. It lacks the tightness of a higher end bass heavy option, but it avoids the weird crossover issues that some ambitious multi driver models suffer from. I was suppressed at how well it compared to my KZ ZAS. To be clear, the ZAS is better/tighter in the bass range, but it also cost $75. I think the bass quality was very comparable to the KZ Z3 earbuds.

Sliver clear: "Balanced" set. My favorite KZ IEMs are the Crinacle ZEX pros and I wanted these to be a cheaper version of that. They almost get there. The tuning is not quite the same, but only in that the tonality is less supported in some registers, but the even feel of the range is similar. When I listen to music, I want true recreation. Let the recording engineers set the bass and treble, I want my IEMs to behave like a monitor. These are very good for this price. Again, not as good as the ZEX pro, but if this was sold on it's own for $13, it would be a budget champ. I like it more than the KZ ZSN PRO as I personally don't preferer the V shaped tuning as much.

Clear green: "Hi-Res" set. These are interesting. I don't think that these are going to be anyone's go to for music, as the high treble is very forward. These might be good it you have some hearing loss and want to bring out the treble range. I have owned many Klipsch earbuds and these remind me of the crisp impactful cymbal crash reproductions that I got from those. I have found that they are surprisingly good at letting me understand dialogue from poorly recorded video. They are so clear in the upper vocal ranger that it brings speech that would be muffled to the front and helps resolve the consonant sounds. Weird as a one off, but I am glad to have them in my collection for the odd occasions that I need them.

Other thoughts: I like what KZ is trying here. With so many multi driver options, getting back to a simple set up and offering a variety of tuning is very cool for anyone who wants to get into IEMs but can't drop a fortune on a pile of them. I like how light these are. I tested all of them both wired and connected to the AZ09 Pro Bluetooth adapter. I noticed immediately how much more comfortable these are while using the AZ09 compared to my ZEX Pros and ZAS which are both heaver multi driver models.

Byakugan X Sharingan
good to see reviewers who are neither subjective nor objective

(Not a review of the IEM but a rant)
Why are people(including me) angry about KZ?
KZ sort of cheated its buyers by advertising some of thier IEMs as "multi-driver" IEMs like the ZS10pro, CRN, ZEX pro etc, but in reality other than the biggest Dynamic Driver, none of the drivers produce significant volume of sound, which essentially makes them single-driver IEMs, now, does that make the IEMs bad? nope it doesnt, the IEM is still the same before KZ was exposed and after it was, the IEMs are not at fault, the Company is, so lets not be too intelligent by 1 star reviewing an IEM, which released barely a day ago , and actually tell people the story about the IEMs
The EDA concept seems VERY VERY interesting, at the price of one ZEX pro( KZ's best IEM) you get one EDX, a bright EDX and a another potential ZEX pro(citation is needed on this part since no credible graphs have been uploaded)
So yeah just removing any potential customers of this new IEM by giving it a one star review is not fair, i will take down my review once linsoul takes down the other reviewer's review or they have the decency to it themselves
Thanks for reading!

Sophanna Ven
Stay away from this brand!

Two Wrongs Do Not Make one of the IEMs Right!

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