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3DD Triple Dynamic Drivers Array HiFi In Ear Earphones

    10mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic & 6mm Single Magnetic Dynamic Units
    Array Type Combination
    Detachable Silver-plated OFC Cable
    Alloy Metal Faceplate& Transparent Cavit
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KZ x HBB Collaboration Project-KZ DQ6S

As the first product that KZ brand team has partnered with one of the legendary audio reviewers in the audiophile world, “Bad Guy, Good Audio Reviews” (also known as Hawaian Bad Boy), KZ DQ6S is ready to provide music lovers with ultra-performance but a budget in-ear monitors. Featuring 3 dynamic drivers in array style, KZ DQ6S can handle different section of frequency range to deliver an overall strong bass, smooth mids and clear treble

6mm DD+10mm Dual DD=Triple Driver

KZxHBB DQ6S is equipped with advanced acoustic structure along with physical frequency division technology. A 10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit is complemented with two 6mm single magnetic dynamic units, thus strong magnetic flux is easliy presented with shocking bass and rich music details. Plus professional tuning, HiFi lovers are able to enjoy balanced three frequencies but with clear layers. The immersive sound is at hand

Dual Magnetic Dynamic Drivers+Array Type Combination

DQ6S features a 10mm dynamic driver unit with PET diamond molecular diaphragm to achieve clearer sound quality. Compared with the traditional dynamic driver, the dual magnetic one improves the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency by 80%, bring a wider frequency response and reproducing more musical details. Moreover, 6mm array type high frequency combination can optimize the problem of insufficient high frequency of single dynamic and improve the sound field range without any adjustment, allowing you to sound immersive anytime, anywhere

Detachable Silver-plated OFC Cable

KZ DQ6S is designed in self-developed recessed 2pin connector that can last more than 10,000 times while general connector can only work about 300-800 times. For the cable, we strictly selected high-standard silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable for lossless transmission and high-definition signal. A cable of high quality will greatly enhance the listening experience

Alloy Metal Faceplate& Transparent Cavit

Similar to KZ DQ6, the newly lanched model DQ6S features a alloy faceplate with transparent cavity that everything is seen through. Structures, drivers and circuits are all visible. The art of industrialism and KZ aesthetics are fully presented in this functional elegant production

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ DQ6S
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ DQ6S Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

6MM single magnetic dynamic drivers+10MM dual magnetic dynamic drivers
Frequency range
2Pin 0.75mm gold-plated
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
QC issues seem to have been resolved

I placed my order on Apr 22 and received it a couple of weeks later. The sound is still sibilant but not quite the usual KZ harshness, more like Beyerdynamic with well supported mids and a sub bass that strums convincingly, even if it is a little undefined (compared to IEMs costing several times more).

Unlike the photos, mine came with a nicer non-tangle sheathed cable (no mic) and the tips are the bullet-shaped white silicone type (the best KZ bundle with their IEMs and the only ones I don't immediately discard in favour of spinfits).


another pair of scam iems where KZ lied even after being caught.. would be zero stars if possible


another pair of scam iems where KZ lied about them even after being caught

Worst IEM, Customer Service, all around Company Manufacturing anything Audio related on planet Earth

I contacted KZ for a refund or exchange and They took forever to get back to me Just to say that I was not within the window of my purchase date...which it is!!!They did pay attention to my first email

Mike I.
Flawed manufacturing but good in concept.

Just to clarify the other review. The 2x 6mm DD are not fake. They were just wired incorrectly at the factory. They were wired out of phase with each other, so they end up canceling each other out. Also the tube leading from them to the main chamber in the IEM is blocked with glue in most if not all that were produced. It took KZ a while to come out publicly acknowledging their QC issues with this IEM. HBB was understandably upset with KZ since his name was attached as a collaborator for tuning this IEM, and that KZ didn’t timely answer his emails requesting an explanation of the manufacturing flaws. Once KZ gets their act together and reproduces these with the problems fixed I plan on getting a set. They are pretty unique being a triple dynamic driver IEM, but obviously all 3 drivers need to function as designed.

Patson Godinho
do not buy

These are not made according to the marketing that KZ has put out, reviews are out on youtube that two of the drivers are not connected at all.

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