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10BA HiFi In-ear Earphones

    Improved 10 balanced armatures configurations
    3 channel guide tone, electronic crossover
    CNC process, passive voice reduction
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Upgraded 10 Balanced Armatures

KZ ASX has strictly selected the upgraded BA for this model. The 30017s BA is mainly for the high frequency. With it, the highs are more extended, bringing a subtle and real experience. The 31736s is for the mids and highs which significantly improves the resolution, precise instrument phase, presenting a clear and delicate texture to ensure rich sound quality. The 29689s is for the mids, offering sweet durable, and pretty voice. The 22955s is for the lows with low distortion and fast rich lows.

Extraordinary Acoustic Adjustment

KZ ASX adopts a high-precision digital modeling 3D printed acoustic inner support parts to avoid mutual interference of 10 balanced armatures bands and reduce the resonance effect of the cavity. A rigorous and scientific architectures design takes in account the actual sound quality of each frequency band

4 Frequency Division, 3 Channel Tuning.

As a professional earphone manufacturer, KZ never go with the flow to only emphasis the lows. It’s more focused on the complex and accurate frequency division circuit. KZ ASX is made with10BA and 3 channel conduits to display pure sound quality. With professional front end and lossless audio source, the effect is better

5-axis CNC Molding Aluminum Alloy Resin Shell

For this model, we embrace the aesthetics of Aluminum alloy and resin with precision 5-axis CNC molding process. After cut, drilled, and engraved by a linked CNC machine tool, the surface is manually polished to create a wear-resistant, smooth and skin-friendly metal surface cover

The Elaborate Design

More than function, KZ ASX is designed based on ergonomics to offer comfortable wearing experience. The memory PU hose earhook and the over ear hook make it easier for wearing. Included silver-plated 100 core cable greatly improves transparency, separation and sound field. It reduces loss in transition. Detachable ensures fully upgradeability too.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ ASX
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ ASX Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configurations
-22955s BA*1 -29689s BA*1 -30017 BA*4 -31736BA*4
Frequency range
Cable Length
Earphone interface
2Pin 0.75mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter Tsiatas
Proper EQ ing is a joy

So I received these as a Christmas present, fortunately I’ve read and watched as many reviews as possible. So I knew what I was getting and I had no delusions. Straight out of the box they don’t possess the signature I prefer. Secondly they are a monitor not a standard earphone. So I simply lowered the midrange by 5 db and increased the the 16 thousand cycles eq to plus 10 db . Now I have a pair of fully functional great sounding monitors. I only have one complaint I have small ears and these bad boys are large just a hair big for my comfort. Overall the sound is detailed and pure . If you never heard monitors then these are not for you. But if you appreciate great sound with a minimum of tweaking . Don’t pass on these unless you have unnaturally small ears . Five stars . I own a number of earphones and headphones mostly with V signature like Hifiman Sundara’s . These stack up to those others when tuned correctly.

Bill Gray
Not quite what I expected

The out of the box experience with these is not great: the bass is overemphasized, and the mids and treble are overly attenuated. However, all is not lost as they respond very well to EQ.

If one is prepared to EQ them then they sound great. If not, there are better options for the money.


Matthew Brancato
Fantastic HiFi in-ear headphones

These headphones are legitimately the best I've used so far. The balanced armature drivers have absolutely NO buzz, rattle, or distortion of any kind at low or high volume. The high-end sound is bright and clear but not harsh, the low end is surprisingly deep and sibilant but doesn't blowout or muffle any other sound. These will faithfully recreate classical music just as well as bass heavy rap. I would recommend these for music, movies or games. They work especially well with 24-bit hifi audio, and binural audio such as Dolby Atmos. You will need a fairly powerful quality DAC to drive the bass armetures to thier full potential however.

The fit is perfect. The shape of the headphones fits like a glove in the lobe of your ear and prevents fatigue from extended listening. The stem is compact to avoid irritation in the ear canal, while the flexible tips create a good seal and a moderate amount of natural noise isolation. The curved semi-flexible cable snugly and securely fits around the back of your ear and won't come out on their own. They are easy to clean as well.

They look really good too with a black body and gold accents. The colors and compliment your wardrobe when wearing them in public.

John Tay
The good attempt

Please visit our website to see the review of the KZ ASX


Specific IEM's

Let me start with the one positive, I only enjoyed this on one genre so to speak(Instruments), and on higher resolution tracks, Orchestra such as Mozart "The Requiem in D Minor" and Takeshi Inomata & Ichiroh Masuda - "The Dialogue with Vibraphone". If that genre is all you listen to, then these might do it for you, as they do pick up the little nuances and sounds on that genre of music really well, with nice imaging and the bass adds little hints of texture to it all when needed. So because of this one redeeming fact I won't snuff it out with a 2 star, and if that's all I ever listened to, then I would give them a 5 star, but it's only a small part of my listening, and so a 3 star will suffice. Also using a XDUOO TA-10 amp with them.
If you enjoy other genre of music, I would suggest their "ZAX" for edm/pop/MMD/Nightcore or their sister co., "CA16" for Rock.
But this is just my opinion and what my ears like so keep that in mind. Comfort they are not.

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