HZSOUND Heart Mirror Zero

10mm High-rigidity Carbon Nano Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Earphones

    Inherited excellency with refined audio engineering
    Same core acoustic as the previous Heart Mirror
    Quality built with eye-catching finishes
    Design for your play and convenience
    Industry-certified steady transmission
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Inherited excellency with refined audio engineering

The Heart Mirror Zero is the shiner version of the previous Heart Mirror released in 2020, with equally impressive high resolution and high separation, but multiple upgrades in tuning and hardware. With this new version, you will have a more natural sound: the bass is now more profound, while the mid-high frequency and treble are mellow and delightful with no rigidness or tightness.

Same core acoustic as the previous Heart Mirror

The Heart Mirror Zero is equipped with a big 10mm driver unit to stream clear and clean music. Highly rigid carbon nano is used for the diaphragm to catch every detail and reproduce in bright clarity, while top-class NdFeB magnet and CCAW voice coil are applied for a quicker response and natural representation.

Quality built with eye-catching finishes

Each bud of Heart Mirror Zero is made with the utmost quality, to give you a fine and durable HiFi earphone. The case is made with CNC zinc alloy for its resistance against daily wear down, and to protect the core driver within that gives you the brilliant sound. To top that, all parts have been hand polished and finished with shiny painting, to fully showcase its excellence in audio quality with an equally outstanding appearance.

Design for your play and convenience

One highlight of this upgraded Heart Mirror Zero is its great gameplay offered by transshipment parts. The bud’s port for dismountable 0.78mm 2-pin cable is cleverly designed for steady connection and is compatible with Bluetooth headsets of the same specs for wireless adaptation. The ear tips are also offered in two styles: the small-bore bullet tips for a neutral and balanced sound signature, and the wide-bore ones for a wider soundstage and slightly hold-back bass.

Industry-certified steady transmission

The transmission of this silver-plated OFC cable in CTIA standard is a step up from the previous model, of which optimization in timbre and stability is performed to deliver fine music to your ear with an assured performance, while the jack’s L-shaped elbow design significantly improved the cable’s service life and fixed the bad contact problem. Further reinforcement of durability and stability is done to the elbow of the jack, in the form of black oxidation to the aviation aluminum alloy.

Quality Control with professional equipment

No compromise in quality is made in HZ sound, as only those Heart Mirror Zero that passed a series of electroacoustic testing can reach you. After dozens of trials such as Frequency Response curve measuring, audio scanner, and polarity testing, the headphone you received have proven excellent in acoustic quality, resistance against daily wear down, and wearing comfort.

Line Control and Microphone

The microphoned version is compatible with Android & IOS with high-quality Mic and smart control. In call mode, you can press once to answer/hang up and press twice to reject calls, while press and hold will allow you to input voice. In Music mode, you can easily switch to the next or previous song with double click or triple click, and pause or resume play with one click.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HZSOUND Heart Mirror Zero
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The HZSOUND Heart Mirror Zero Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver unit
10mm diaphragm
Mic sensitivity
Rated impedance
Speaker sensitivity
3.5mm L-shaped
FR range
Cable length
about 120cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Well balanced and detailed

Using them with Moondrop Moonriver 2 - Zero are tuned very well, really professionaly. Reach very deep to Lows and Hights are sparkly and delicate. No signs of sibilances or congestions or peaks (frequency graphs or some reviews have to be wrong). Mids are natural and inviting. These are my best iem for now, I like their sound more than Moondrop S8, Blessing 3 or recent planars.

Nice Budget set

Good looking set, fit is great and sounds good and clean.. Probably a little bit dated the way the IEM budget market has evolved. Still a nice set at the right price..

Sophanna Ven
Very good set

A safe set of IEMs

Solid Neutral Bright IEM

A highly resolving IEM with a lean bass and good imaging at such a low price. Despite it being bright, it is never to a point of causing sibilance and instead gives everything a nice texture and detail.
This thing is tiny and fits well in any ear, the white eartips sounds great and are comfortable.
The stock cable is soft and well built but if you want to run it to its fullest potential, a switch to a higher gauge cable is recommended.

For those looking for bright studio monitors

The HZSound Heart Mirror ZERO is a bright studio monitor-like sounding in-ear monitor available at a low price. Not only does it offer high-resolution sound at a low price, but the package is also above the price level, so it is a product that can be recommended because it offers considerable promise in terms of overall satisfaction.


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