Hiby R3 Pro Saber
Hiby R3 Pro Saber
Hiby R3 Pro Saber
Hiby R3 Pro Saber
Hiby R3 Pro Saber
Hiby R3 Pro Saber
Hiby R3 Pro Saber

Hiby R3 Pro Saber

Ultraportable Touchscreen Hi-Fi Network Music Player

    Dual ES9218P / Bluetooth 5.0 / 5G Wi-Fi / MQA certified
    Fully balanced 2.5mm output
    Supply correct time base signals to x44.1 and x48 sample rate music data respectively
    Independent 22.5792MHZ and 24.576MHz crystal oscillators
    The cases are all black
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Dual ES9218P--return of the Sabre

At the heart of the ES9218P is ESS's award-winning SABRE DAC technology, with a HyperStream modulator. The ES9218P HiFi SoC leverages the company's patented 32- bit HyperStream architecture that can support up to 32- bit 384kHz PCM and DSD256, ensuring audiophile quality sound all the way to the headphones.

2.5mm balanced output

With four independent amplification channels, balanced output brings more powerful amplification, wider soundstage, and exquisite detail!

Youthful Energetic Voicing

 The Saber edition R3 Pro brings out the edge in aggressive genres like metal, electro and ACG.

Dual crystal oscillators High-performance FPGA chip onboard

Independent clock system with NDK low-phase noise oscillators! Independent 22.5792MHz and 24.576MHz crystal oscillators supply correct timebase signals to x44.1 and x48 sample rate music data respectively, reducing jitter, increasing accuracy of digital music reProduction and reducing the effect of phase noise on sound quality.


Industry-leading remote control function lets you control the R3Pro's music playback, volume control, playlist browsing/management, etc.

HiBy OS takes on everything

HiBy OS is HiBy Music's platform product. An extensible platform tailored for the audio industry, it is continually updated for the latest audio formats and features and is the choice of over 40 pieces of smart audio equipment across X different brands.

MQA Support

MQA is a complete ecosystem of preservation and au- authentication of master-quality audio; from recording equipment to processing, transmission, and reproduction, every step of the chain is strictly regulated, including- ing even the settings of a player's DAC, ensuring that you can hear exactly what's recorded on the master tapes. MQA authentication is a badge of approval and guarantee of a player s master-quality audio output..

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Hiby R3 Pro Saber
  • User Manual

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The Hiby R3 Pro Saber Comes with a 1 year warranty on the Digital Audio Players only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pequeño, pero excelente reproductor de música

Llego muy bien y más rápido de lo que esperaba.
Es un deleite oír música con este reproductor, solo tengo un inconveniente al usar micro sd de 62Gb, hay que sacarlo y volverlo a colocar para que lo reconozca cada vez que se enciende, así que he tenido que cambiar a uno de 32 Gb, dado que indican que soporta hasta tarjetas de 2Tb no entiendo porque pasa esto.

Matthias Keysermann
Compact player with many features

- decent sound quality, detailed, slight treble emphasis
- compact size
- nice screen
- good battery life
- 2.5mm balanced out with decent output power
- many features including WiFi, Bluetooth, MSEB, HibyLink, Tidal, Qobuz, etc.
- on current firmware sometimes playback errors with Tidal

Paulo Silva
good and bad

great sound, great mids, great size, battery mmm, just ok, bad is the eq DSP and the par,, eq, really bad quality, whatever you change one setting, others change, and the volume drops that is hard to listen when volume changes, they should get a better eq and a master volume for avoiding clipping, but sony nw a55 eq does not clip, does not change the tone in other fz and volume does not change, chifi eq are the worst , same issue for the r2 and r3

David Tresanszki

Hiby R3 Pro Saber

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