GuideRay GR-i

DD+BA Hybrid Dual Driver in-Ear Earphone with Detachable 2 Pin 0.78mm Cable

  • Hybrid Driver
  • Handmade Craftsmanship
  • Included High Quality Cable
  • Ergonomic Design
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Hybrid Driver

GuideRay GR-I series is equipped with a custom 10mm dynamic driver and a balanced armature to reach a balanced low, mid, high frequency performance. The bass is strong while the mid and high frequency focus more on the details and dynamic changes.

Handmade Craftsmanship

This series feature handmade wooden faceplate. The special texture and pattern is unique and appealing .

Included High Quality Cable

Each package will come with a single crystal copper silver plated cable. With this cable, you can hear more details, dynamic bass and excellent resolution. The detachable design also ensures more fun and upgradeability.

Ergonomic Design

GuideRay GR-I series is made from high quality resin which is molded based on large data to fit in your ear snugly. The pre-shaped earhook also enhances the stable and secure fit. Feel free to wear it for any occasion.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x GuideRay GR-i
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The GuideRay GR-i Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

GR-i Series GR-i18/GR-i58/GR-i68
Purple/ Blue/Black
19 Ohm
Frequency Response
20- 20K Hz
Cable Metarial
Single Crystal SPC Wire
Cable Length
3.5mm Gold-Plated
0.78mm 2Pin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Phil Cable

I love these IEM's they sound great.

Decent Set of IEMs For the Price

The GR-i58 is a decent IEM for it's asking price. The bass is solid but the treble seems a bit subdued. Details are fair but overall an enjoyable and non-fatiguing listen


My favorite IEMs range from BARGAIN ($8.00 USD) MH755, to Shozy Form 1.1, to Voyager3, to Shuoer Tape, and mid-range sets like the ER4XR.

The Guideray is different from all of them. Thick and luscious bass that is easily boostable in EQ. Flat without EQ, I like it just fine for audiobooks and podcasts, but for music? Be prepared to customize. On the UP-side, the things you can't change are already nice. Wide soundstage, fair imaging and passable detail makes instrumentals and vocals enjoyable but this isn't a set to analyze music with. If you want to nod your head to a great tune, these are great. One EQ for classical, another for Rock, another for Jazz... These take EQ nicely and morph to handle them all. Just know that you WILL need to chase the sound signatures you like, so a good PEQ will be your friend with these. Worth the $40 these sell for, but don't punch above their weight class like the BLON03 does which can be bought for the same or less money and sound great without needing EQ as often. (Or at all.)

It's OK if you Boost the Bass

Vocals sound a bit off and the Bass does not have good impact. IMO the set is tuned a bit too bright and not even in a good way. Treble extension ain't too great either. When you boost the Sub-bass the Impact gets a little better and the whole set gets less bright. I usually also boost 16k for a bit better treble extension. It becomes a V-shaped IEM where the Vocals sound back but is enjoyable. The 3 stars are for the beautiful design, perfect fit, and nice cable. If it sounded like it does with EQ stock I would probably give 4 stars.

Not better than KZ ZS10 Pro, but different !

First of all, big thanks to Linsoul and DHL for such fast delivery.
It only took 2 days to get from Shenzhen to Western Europe! I did choose Express shipping though, which I highly recommend.

I ordered the black pair (GR-I68) and the gloss black finish is insanely good looking. Plus their sculpture makes them look like a $1000+ pair of IEMs.
The cable that comes with them is well above average, but I decided to use the 8 core wire from Tripowin.

I mostly listen to my KZ ZS10 Pros which have a quite V-shaped sound signature, and I love them. But these, these do something different. The sound stage is quite a bit wider, which I immediately noticed upon my first listening. Also they sound way more natural, very good for vocals and brass instruments. They beat the KZs in Mids by miles.
Over all, the sound may seem a little damp and dark, but not a problem to my ears. Highs are very well defined and snappy without making you tired, very important for me.

I recommend.

Wasn't impressed. Not worth the hype in my opinion.

I purchased the gr-i58 a few months ago, expecting them to blow my shoes off. I tried to like these multiple times, but they just never grew on me. They sounded pretty dull to me.

Some iems I own include the Form 1.1, MH 755, MH 750, Tin [T3, P1, T4], and many others. I can say with certainty that the iems I listed sound better to me compared to the gr-i58

One thing I do like about this set is the cable that comes with them. I use the cable more than I use the actual iem. The cable now serves as an upgrade cable for one of my 2-pin iems.

The fit of the iem was pretty snug and comfortable, but the sound they produced wasn't for me. I'm giving these iems a 3/5 for the cable.

Mike B
These are the best IEMs I've heard under $50.. and they are GOOD!

These are shockingly great for the money! Bass is deep, extended, and textured. Mids are clear very nice. Vocals both male and female sound pretty perfect to my ear. Treble is awesome too! Decently extended and not harsh. I am a basshead and these can be pushed pretty far in terms of bass. Very nice.
The cable is 'give me a break' great. I've never gotten such a nice stock cable on a set of IEMs at any price point. Go figure. Also the fit is perfect and these are light IEMs. The build quality is more like a custom 3d printed high end IEM than something like a KZ.. which I think these are better than all their models.

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