E1DA 9038s ESS 9038 DAC Chip

E1DA 9038S Gen 3

3rd Gen USB DAC Headphone Amp

    9038s G3 Susum Edition with susumu precise 0.1% resistors
    Features high-quality ES9038Q2M DAC chip with quality components
    Comes with a Type C to Type C cable
    Ultimate sound quality output with crisp clarity
    New Power-saving Standby Mode
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The update of 9038S DAC+HPA.

The regular update of 9038S DAC+HPA, we've named that 9038SG3. Pretty much the same sounding and specs but some major weaknesses of the G2 were improved dramatically.The new 9038S version will have a black sandblasted anodized aluminum case and caps machined with CNC(G2 used laser-cut that's not too accurate). Logo and the model name are laser marked, an elegant and reliable solution vs G2 silk print. The E1DA 9038s Gen 3 improves on the already beautiful sound output of the Gen 2. It has improved Signal to Noise Ratio, Dynamic range, and THD+N values and provides an ultimate sound quality output with crisp clarity. The output is rich with a dark background completely noise and distortion-free

Please Note: Don't use 2.5mm/3.5mm adapters as that might damage the DAC.

New USB audio bridge

The first thing is another USB audio bridge with HW Volume(UAC2->ES9038), 32/384, and DSD256 support. Sure, it's not a big deal but I don't know another portable DAC with DSD256 support for Android, only DSD128. Also, 9038SG3 got the standby mode to save your phone battery if DAC is idle > 2 minutes. Strongly reduced LTE buzzing noise aka "static", hence 9038SG3 become more and more portable. Slightly improved SNR, Dynamic Range, and THD+N. Due to PCM384 and DSD the frequency response is extended up to 100kHz(10-100000Hz +0.1/-0.3db). The output impedance is 100mohm

"E1DA Tweak" App on Android Smartphones

We have deleted audio modes and by default, you have only the Performance mode(without any delays/interruptions!). Instead, we gonna give you a lot of hardware ES9038Q2M DAC control with our new Android "E1DA Tweak" app with the preset manager, harmonics distortions compensation, Nyquist's filter selection, MasterClock frequency and more, most of these parameters could be dynamical defined depends on HW Volume, of Audio DATA Rate etc. In other words, make your own ES9038Q2M based DAC, and save that as a preset( to share this preset)! However, the app release is delayed. The new USB bridge let you update 9038SG3 FirmWare by USB, and I'll provide FW file everyone who gonna go to use the app.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x E1DA 9038S Gen 3
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The E1DA 9038S Gen 3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

sandblasted/anodized aluminum/ES9038Q2M/AD8397
USB 5V power rail no internal battery, 90mA idle current, the device contains up to 4000uF of capacitance and IOS/Android devices can start OTG operation only with Camera_Adapter and USB OTG Y-splitter cable respectively
USB-C, PCM up to 24b/192kHz
balanced output 2.5mm jack A&K pinout
Output power
Output impedance
0.05 Ohm@1000Hz Agilent U1733C​
Frequency response
10-85kHz +.05/-.2db@ 24b/192kHz
S/N ratio
-122db(A) referenced to 3.399VRMS @32ohm
1% @+.5dbfs typical PC USB2 port powered​

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Gregory Richards

E1DA 9038S Gen 3

Dac endgame

Best portable dac on the market , it's impedance is near to zero , it's one of the few that can run my symphonium helios. Bass is impactful , highs are precise , it's a must have.

DAC preAmp raw Power and more clean power compared with Btr5

I sticked this tiny beast of high clean power with a 3M double sided stripes of tape and live protect with some bump rubber strip to absord shocks connected to my Samsung S10 and wow streaming Tidal even without MQA is a delice for my ears .Very happy ,I known there isn't the LDAC of my other Fiio BTR5, but when I want it loud I connect to this E1DA 9038S Sumusu and can't play at max ,maybe sometime without ANY disortion at all .I play with my fav Tin Hifi P1 plus and T3 ,Moondrop Aria and Tripowin Mele all in balanced mode .There are no touch or volume but raw precise technology and command everything with my Samsung,no problems whatsoever,just be careful at the volume, check it all times before wearing your items or easy a 300 and more Omhs...I really recommend at this price no better music and power quality, around in the market.Buy E1DA 3098S , then you will think of this review 😉

Erich Boleyn
Audio snobs rejoice! Best portable audiophile IEM amp

Low impedance high sensitivity IEMs can be a challenge to drive properly with a phone or even a pro headphone amp without hearing a "hiss" or even just compromising the sound quality/getting low-level crosstalk. The 9038S is the first time I'd say a portable headphone amp has approached the quality of the very best desktop DAC/amp setups for my super-sensitive/low impedance Shure SE-846 IEMs. They sound great with other setups (though are so sensitive that they often get a "hiss" of the noise floor), but with the 9038S and the native 2.5mm balanced headphone plug, you get extremely impressive both measured and subjective performance. I've never heard such clarity and clean separation of the channels on these except from an expensive desktop DAC/balanced amp combination. When going on trips with my family I used to load up my desktop DAC/amp setup in a box for my car, but this is the first time in a while that I comfortably just leave it behind and carry the 9038S in my pocket! I also have an iFi iMatch 2.5 to lower the noise floor even further, but frankly I'm not sure I notice the difference!

Benjamin Stanton

E1DA 9038S Gen 3

S Tier

LOVE this piece of hardware. Much like the others, I can attest that it is not plug and play but once you download the firmware, figure out how to assign it to your listening device (I use an Android phone), and use it with legit lossless audio files such as through UAPP and Qobuz, it is amazing how much return you get for this investment. The sound is brilliant and you should not hesitate.


Small portable high power DAC. I use it with USB audio player Pro and play music from Qobuz. So far I don't think there's anything we just cannot handle. I'm very happy.

Simply Amazing

Just received my E1DA 9038s Gen 3 Susum 3000 Edition. Wasn't exactly plug and play. No instructions come with the device but no worries. Jump on the E1DA Discord server and get all the help you need. StaticV3 was incredible and super patient. Answered every question and assisted me along the way to get this bad boy rolling. Sound is brilliant and clean, clean, clean! So clean you really have to pay mind to the volume you are listening to. The lack of distortion allows you to turn things way up without pain caused by distortion. Fantastic piece of equipment backed up by some incredible customer service. This thing has juice. Nice clean juice all the way around. I will actually be able to use my Tin Audio P1s on the go where historically I could only use them at my desk because they take a ton of power to the face to sound as capable as they are. Great job! Everyone involved with this project should be proud!

Roberto Lampa
Detailed, fast, wide sound

This is an ES9038Q2M at its best!
Wonderful imaging, you can clearly detect every sound, my hip-dac is not able to reach this level.
Linsoul service is first class: the first shipping was lost, or stolen. They sent me a new device.

Clean, Fast, Portable & Impeccable // E1DA 9038S G3

Just use UAPP or a convenient app and enjoy audio bliss on move. Fast delivery and outstanding service by Lindoul.

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