14.6mm Planar & 2BA Drivers Hybrid HiFi In-Ear Earphones

    Dual-mode with Free Switching
    Latest 14.6mm Planar Magnetic Driver
    Dual Customized Balanced Armature Driver Units
    CNC Aluminum Shell
    Detachable 0.78mm 2-Pin Cable
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Dual Modes, Two Choices

A switch is designed in Talos for an easy switching between Planar Driver Mode and Planar+BA Hybrid Driver Mode. Each mode features a different sound signature due to different driver confirmations. In Planar Mode, the sound is more natural and soft, gentle and warm, which is suitable for most genres while in hybrid driver mode, Talos has better resolution and dynamics, which is suitable for string music and female vocals. Get one pair of earphones and enjoy two distinct music

Latest Planar Driver

DUNU Talos comes with a newly-developed 14.6mm ultra-thin diaphragm planar magnetic driver. It adopts an ultra-light silver alloy voice coil with an N55 double-sided magnetic circuit. It is tuned for the whole frequency band and responds amazingly well. Planar drivers are famous for their ultra-low distortion and fast transients. As the same can be expected here from the latest Talos.

Dual Customized Balanced Armature Driver Units

DUNU Talos features two high-performance custom-tuned balanced armature driver units for the high and ultra-high frequency bands. They produce transparent high-frequency responses with excellent resolution and clarity. The excellent BA drivers can bring out the minutest details from your music.

CNC Aluminum Shell

DUNU Talos features a professionally designed cavity structure. The shells have multiple air vents present on the front and rear cavities. These vents were designed according to the outcome of extensive simulation tests. They form a unique multi-vent air flow micro-control system to achieve powerfully dynamic and low-frequency response and provide a comfortable wearing experience and good isolation levels.

Detachable OCC Silver-plated Litz Cable

DUNU Talos comes with a high-purity 4 core OCC silver-plated detachable cable to ensure lossless fast transmission and high fidelity audio performance. Each cable is made in a unique Litz structure and insulating layer for a lower interference. Meanwhile, a reinforced detachable 0.78mm 2Pin connector prolongs its lifespan and brings more choices for those who love to upgrade cables.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x DUNU TALOS
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

Driver configuration
14.6mm dual cavity dual magnetic Planar driver
2 custom high frequency, ultra-high frequency balanced armature
Frequency range
16ohm at 1kHz
100dB±1dB AT 1kHz
<0.3% at 1kHz
aviation-grade Aluminum alloy cavity
gold-plated brass acoustic conduit
4 core high-purity OCC silver-plated cable
Cable length
about 1.2m
0.78mm 2pin
3.5mm single-ended
Earbud weight
about 14g
Mode Instructions
Planar driver mode: switch to I
Hybrid driver mode: switch to ON

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jon B
Wonderful daily driver IEMs

I've been using these for the last two months and they quickly replaced my MEE audio Pinnacle P1's as my daily drivers. I tried the Moondrop Blessing2:Dusk and others with a similar shell shape but they didn't fit in my ears properly. The best part by far is the planar magnentic driver that is so wonderfully fast and resolving. Haven't tried the BA switches yet as I've been thrown off by reviews saying they make them too shrill but should really listen for myself. Even though it's a minor aspect the cable is stellar and as good as the other cables Dunu sells. They are also easy enough to drive with my Samsung Galaxy S10e phone. Absolutely no complaints about the IEMs or the service provided by Linsoul!

Great detail with a slight downside

Before I talk about the sound, even if it's not that important, let me quickly adress that the Talos are well built and comfortable. Unlike the Titan S, which can be slightly too long (a problem you may not have; every ear is different), the Talos sit comfortably in my ears and stay in place even after longer listening sessions.

That being said, let's get to the sound:

The Talos have two sound modes, classic planar and BA+planar. In the regular mode you get a nice, mild V-shaped tuning that is pretty similar to the Moondrop Kato (the difference between the two being that the Kato have slightly more bass, while the Talos have slightly more treble). The bass is present, but on a level where it plays along nicely with the other instruments without getting in the way. The mids are nice and neutral, as they should be. Nothing feels shouty, no instrument sounds overpowering or washed out. The treble is slightly boosted, especially ambient sounds feel more present, while simultaneously some 's' or 't' sounds can be a bit too sharp for some people's tastes.
However, the real strength of the Talos lies in it's BA+planar mode. Quickly activated with the small switch on each side, it introduces a lot to the listening experience.
Most outstanding is the added detail. Quiet background sounds/instruments are much more noticable; in some songs you might even hear sounds you've never heard before. In addition to that, vocals sound a bit more impactful and the soundstage widens ever so slightly, giving the sound just a little more of a 3D feeling. This sadly comes with the downside of having the already boosted treble spike up even more, resulting in fairly sharp percussion which might be a bit too much for people who aren't used to it.

In conclusion:
The Dunu Talos are overall great sounding IEM's. Despite their sharp treble they hold up well in their price class. In the end it just comes down to preference. If treble is no problem for you, go for it. If you're more of a bass enjoyer, you'll probably be better off with the Moondrop Kato or the 7Hz Timeless.

Are they worth their price? Yeah, i'd say yes.

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