Air Nyx Upgraded Earphone Cable

    DDHIFI Upgraded Cable
    Better Signal Transmission
    Selected 0.78mm 2Pin Connector
    L-Shaped 4.4mm Balanced Plug
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Nyx Series-DDHIFI Upgraded Cable

Previously DDHIFI has released a few models for its Air series high-quality cable, including Sky, Forest, Clouds, Ocean and Sunset, however Nyx is not alike any one of them, it sets a new benchmark for highly successful Air series of earphone cables and it’s undoubted that Nyx outperforms the entire range of Air series , even the Sky Pro

Exclusive Shielding Layer for Better Signal Transmission

L To utmost decrease the interface of surrounding environment, Nyx cable adopts the shielding layer that can be well connected with teh shielding on the output device to maximize the anti-interference effect. This layer is wholly connected to the plug and the connector thus while inserting into the device, it’s fully grounded, significantly reducing signal interference is ensured in this way

Selected 0.78mm 2Pin Connector

For Nyx, DDHIFI chose to go with the self-developed shielded 2-pin connector purposely. The contact pin is designed with a two-layered shell with the inner layer to solder the shielding layer of the earphone cable, while the connector pin sports the use of 24K gold-plated copper-silver alloy material

A Cable to Manage and Improve Sound Quality

As Nyx is designed in 4.4mm balanced output, the signal emphasized high quality itself and when used with a high-resolution silver earphone cable, this can easily weaken the present of low frequency. The shielding layer can effectively reduce this sense of weakness. You can feel the softness and flexibility at the same time

L-Shaped 4.4mm Balanced Plug

DDHIFI BC130A Air Nyx cable features a L-shaped plug that’s finished by hand and assembled in a more complicated way.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x DDHiFi BC130A
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The DDHiFi BC130A Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

27.2AWG(Core)+24.9AWG(Spiral Shielding)
Conductor material
Litz Type II high-purity pure silver(Core)
Litz high-purity oxygen-free copper(Black)
Litz silver-plated over long crystal copper(Silver)
Cable Structure
0.05mm x 7 x 7 strands x 4 strands(Core)
0.05mm x 7 x 14 strands x 4 strands(Shielding)
Inner insulation
Japan NUC chemical foam HDPE
Outer Insulation
High transparency SoftFlex PVC(Made in USA)
37g/120cm, 23g/55cm
L-shaped 4.4mm balanced, 24K gold-plated copper material
2pin 0.78nn, 24K gold-plated copper-silver alloy material

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