1DD+7BA Hybrid Driver HiFi in-Ear Earphone

    16 Unit Drivers Hybrid Technology
    7 Units New Generation Series Of Black Gold BA
    10mm Unusual Shape Cavity Dynamic Driver
    Lossless Transmission Double Parallel Silver-Plated Cable
    Luxury Appearance With Multiple Exquisite Workmanship
    Ergonomic Design With Passive Noise Reduction
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Dual Magnetic Unusual Shape Dynamic Driver

With a dual magnetic 10mm unusual shape cavity dynamic driver, CA16 PRO Like a "volcano", it quickly gathers compressed air, increases the power of the Balanced Armature, and enhances the low-frequency explosive power.

7 Balanced Armature Units Combination

CA16 PRO adopts New Generation Series of Black Gold Balanced Armature, which have a better performance on Hi-Res audio, vocal, and sound stage 30019 High-Frequency Balanced Armature for Superior high-frequency analysis and extension performance affect the charm and empathy of timbre. 3 sets of 50024s Mid-high frequency Balanced Armature combination for better performance of vocal and sound stage.

Accurate Electronic Crossover, Perfect Acoustics Tuning Technology

The predominant hardware configuration is inseparable from the delicate frequency division adjustment, the standard four-way frequency tuning scheme, reasonable allocation of ultra-high, high, medium, and low-frequency bands, smooth and smooth connection, completely releasing the potential of CA16 PRO, and feel the shocking sound stage.

Unique And Luxurious Workmanship

High-quality raw materials are used at any cost, textured zinc alloy face plate, skin-friendly PC resin shell, and sturdy Aluminum alloy earphone nozzle. With multiple exquisite workmanship regardless of time, the appearance of exhibition-level beauty is obtained.

Detachable 2Pin Interface&Ergonomic Design

CA16 PRO adopts a 0.75mm standard PIN and 2 Pin Connector Design. You can change it into your preferred cable or a new one to get the sound quality adjustment. The ergonomic design cavity provides a comfortable and stable wearing experience. The in-ear wear fits the ear canal and can effectively isolate the noise of about 26dB from the outside. Just sink in your music world.

Use tips

High-definition calls without noise, Easy to control through one button
-Answer the phone: Press once
-Hang up the phone: Long press for seconds
-Pause / Play: Press once
-Next Song: Press 2 times
-Previous Song: Press 3 times

Inside the Box

  • 1 x CCA CA16 PRO
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The CCA CA16 PRO Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Dual Magnetic Unusual Shape Dynamic Driver*1
30019 High-Frequency Balanced Armature *1
50024s Mid-high frequency Balanced Armature combination*3
Double Parallel Silver-Plated
0.75mm 2pin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carlos Arguello

I have not received my VCA CA16Pro yet, even though they were paid in full.

Better than the CA16

I had these for a week now and using triple flange eartips. These sound really good and has better bass than the CA16. The cable is finally different (I've owned the KZ ZS6, ZS10, AS10, CCA C12 and CA16.) and love the look on these earphones. The comfort takes a bit of getting used to with that little bump on the inside but i am happy with these. I'll probably upgrade to the CA24's next year.

Maybe good enough for 10$

I'm really disappointed by the sound of these. I had numerous KZ\CCA IEMs in the past and this was the biggest let down.

ZSR, which cost 18$ a few years ago outperforms these.

Would highly advise to stay away from this product, wish i could get a refund :-(

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