BQEYZ Spring2

1BA + Piezoelectric Ceramic+ Dynamic Driver Hybrid In-ear Earphones

    Dampen resonance and improve high-frequency sounds
    Presents a high resolution outcome
    Detachable 2 Pin Cable Design
    The Improved Ergonomics Design.
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1BA + Piezoelectric Ceramic+ Dynamic Driver.

Based on Spring 1, we are adding more spice to Spring2. Equipped with 1BA and Single Dynamic Drivers with 9-Layers Piezo Electric. BQEYZ Spring 2 IEM earphones have wide sound stage and good sounding. The perfect Triple Hybrid Technology claimed to dampen resonance and improve high-frequency sounds. It's more comfortable way of listening to any type of audio and is able to work in any device

The Structure Speaks for Itself.

As a hybrid driver earphone equipped with a balanced armature, 13mm bionic diaphragm dynamic, 9 layers of Nano piezoelectric ceramics, along with coaxial dual-cavity patent dynamic ceramic horn, three-frequency independent tuning, physical frequency division, the earphone presents a high resolution outcome. The vocals is transparent and bright with the powerful magnet, ultra-thin film. The structural design is made to be different

Rich Accessories

Despite the inside structural improvements, we also make improvements outside. Strictly chosen a variety size and materials of eartips to fit for most people while also ensures comfort making Spring 2's dynamic ceramic balanced armature sound as you wish. Memory foams for sound insulation, some eartips for vocal, some for atmosphere...All you need is to be found here

Detachable 2 Pin Cable Design.

Spring 2 has a detachable 2 pin cable which is made of high quality 4 single crystal copper cable. The 224 core cable is more transparent and detailed in vocals. Despite that, color scheme is never frankly chosen. The Midnight black and olive green colors are chosen for this model. Luxury, elegant, fashionable and also classic, Spring 2 really nailed it in this aspect

The Improved Ergonomics Design.

Compared with Spring 1, we improved ergonomics and shaped Spring 2 which is more close to the ear. Same as before it’s still ergonomics design for ultimate comfortable wearing experience and secure fit

Inside the Box

  • 1 x BQEYZ Spring2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The BQEYZ Spring2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configurations
-9-lays piezoelectric ceramic sheet -13mm Bionic diaphragm dynamic driver -1 balanced armature
Spring 2
32 Ω
Frequency response
Cable length
Pin type
2pin 0.78mm
Earphone single weight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
CLEAN details.

Between the large dynamic for solid, rumbly bass. And the Piezo tweeter for clean, treble with great timbre. Being able to clearly hear differences between splash cymbals and crash cymbals (or even different sized crashes) as a drummer is very cool. Some headphones lump those two sounds together and they sound similar. But the treble timbre on these is magnificent. The mids are recessed, but not to an unreasonable amount. If you are looking for a very smooth Vshape, fun IEM that still has detail, I cant recommend the Spring2 enough. Also the cable is amazing, and the case is serviceable as well. 6/5 stars.

Solid tri-brid

This thing has the detail, I mean in abundance! The mids are a slight downside. But the bass is strangely strong and clean. For the price this is a excellent set.

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