2nd Generation 10mm CNT Diaphragm HiFi In-ear Earphone

    Redesigned the Carbon Nanotube (CNT) diaphragm
    A new single dynamic driver earphone
    Carved Acoustic Chamber
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The Continuation of a Legend.

Following the global sensation of the Blon BL03, Blon returns with the next iteration of the ultimate audiophile dynamic driver in-ear monitor. After a year of R&D work, the Blon audio engineering team took their previous experience and the numerous customer feedback to design a new single dynamic driver earphone that takes the genre to all new heights.

2nd Generation 10mm CNT Diaphragm.

The BL05 takes from the foundation of its predecessor’s tuning and elevates it to the next level by utilizing the latest in dynamic driver diaphragm technology and design. Blon has redesigned the Carbon Nanotube (CNT) diaphragm with a new carbon network framework that increases the rigidity and speed of the membrane. This second generation CNT driver doesn’t utilize moving parts as do other traditional drivers, but rather uses thermoacoustics to create soundwaves generated by incoming currents through the carbon nanotube

The Journey Continues

The new design is a much faster diaphragm response that is unparalleled among dynamic drivers, with an incredibly low distortion. A noticeably enhanced transient and detail retrieval ensues, along with a more powerful, tigheter, and faster decaying lows. The carbon nanotube further champions over traditional dynamic drivers as its ripples form more cohesive acoustic energy than those produced by a moving membrane. It’s THD response is a clear indicator of this feat, as it is even lower than those of balanced armature drivers. Engineered with an almost entirely linear impedance response, the BL05 puts out a sound that no audiophile can miss out on

Tuned to Perfection.

Compared to its predecessor, the BL05’s tuning features a greater and faster sub-bass kick that coherently transitions into cleaner mid-frequency section. The mids feature an almost-neutral response with just enough warmth to give body and richness to instruments and vocals while maintaining clarity and natural tonality. The trebles were tuned to to be smooth with just enough bite to sharpen the sound without being harsh. With the potential of the new CNT driver design, we mastered its tuning to make full advantage of its capabilities. Turning away from typical “V-shape” tunings, we have achieved a natural presentation of music that is the perfect in-between from neutral studio monitors and bass/treble tunings. It can only be described as a true-audiophile tuning that is enjoyable and pleasant, without the tonal irregularities of typical tuning styles.

Carved Acoustic Chamber.

Blon has spent just as much time in designing the interior acoustic chamber as they did in tunin the new CNT driver. The BL05 interior chamber was carved out to feature an acoustic canal that accurately mirrors the sonic properties that the natural ear picks up in an orchestral hall. By meticulously hand-placing the driver at the precise position in each earphone, the fruit of our efforts can be fully perceived, with an incredibly wide soundstage that reverberates with the natural overtones from the diaphragm. The housing itself is produced in a gunmetal stainless steel housing that is durable and safe for the skin

Inside the Box

  • 1 x BLON BL-05
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The BLON BL-05 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Earhook Style
0.78mm 2 Pin
Plug Type
3.5mm L-shaped gold-plated plug
2nd Generation 10mm CNT Diaphragm
Frequency range
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rene de Wit
Great IEM for musicians

The upper-mids are a bit shouty, but with a micropore 2x2 mm the shouty is gone.
The fit is really perfect, i'm really happy with these IEM.

Michael Stevenson

Outstanding headphones.


Sound like listining to tin cans.

Good headphones for the value!

BL05 has a V-shaped sound signature. The mids are recessed compared to the lows and highs. This tuning can be considered as one of the most popular within this price range of USD$50. The overall presentation could be considered bright – the sparkles in the highs are more prominent.

Skyler West

Fantastic iems for the money. Very comparable to the original TinT2 (not the harsh pros).

Matthew M

Can't complain

Blon BL05- A Good Place to Start

From the stylish looks to the crisp sound, these are really solid IEM's.
A great choice for someone who is just starting their journey into audio and a perfect addition to those who already have a headphone & IEM collection.

Update without the Bias

I was a little bias, because these had the name "Blon" in them, and it made me want to think that these were an upgrade to the 03's, and they're not, with that, they should have called them by another name.
After listening to them some more and putting away my bias, I decided to dress them up and start from scratch, something I should have done from the beginning. Tips(SpinFit CP100), Cable(TRN T3 Cable 2.5 silver 8 core), using a FiiO K3 Dac/amp.
They're somewhat balanced(not neutral), bass isn't a heavy hitter, but it's not without, and can reach deep but in a nice way, not impeding too much on the mids, I find that there is some treble roll off, but this makes the iem a little smoother sounding, granted there is an upper mid range boost but seems to have settled down after using them for awhile, still don't know about that burn in thing, if it's the mind or if its actually settling down, but they have settled in, and it's to the better this time around.
For a single DD, they have a nice wide 360 soundstage, good layering, mids are nice but these are not detail beast, but there is detail, vocals are still upfront, maybe a touch too much but lately I've been finding this to appeal to me, as long as it isn't shouty, and as I said, they've settled in.
Overall, they've become a nice relax pair to listen with for long periods, balanced for the most part, nothing really seems to be dominating anymore.

Gordon Shen
Depends on your taste

The blon 05 has better quantity and quality of the bass compare to t4, but against to blon 03, the 03 has more powerful, warm, thickness on the bass.
The 05 bass can go more deeper than 03.

The blon 03 has most mid bass( which can be bloated) body follow by 05 and t4.
The 05 has most upper mids boost(which make it shouty and vocal sound too thin) follow by t4 then 03

The treble on 03 does the best jobs for me, as the treble on the 05 and t4 are too bright(but it bring kind of detail and space feel)

Sound stage 05~03 > t4
Details 05~t4( through treble boost)~03
Imagine 03~05>t4
Separation 03~05>t4

Overall the tonality on blon 03 is my favorite, it has good low end, creamy and smooth mids, great treble, as the 05 are too shouty on upper mids and thin vocal make it not my cup of tea( it is even shouty and thin vocal compare to t4), and for t4, it is good, but too neutral, boring for me.

I will be getting he t2 plus soon , I think for under 60 usd dollar, the blon 03 will be my choice, and t4 is good, but for me bring, for blon 05, I think the tin t2plus will be really similar to that, with more better upper mids and treble.

Fair enough for the price

compared to Tin T4,

Pros : Blon05 has better soundstage and powerful sound
Cons : eartip must be replaced, mid and high sounds dry than T4

for $40 price It is OK ,
If you could make it sounds more smoother , It could be used as all arounder,

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