Full Size Over-Ear Headphone

    It features a large 70mm loudspeaker and a metal mesh shel
    BL-30 is designed with a stretchable slide part on each side
    Detachable 3.5mm cable
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70mm Loudspeaker Headphone

BL-30 is the newly launched headphone in BLON over-ear headphone family. It features a large 70mm loudspeaker and a metal mesh shell. It’s the combination of functionality and minimalism aesthetics. Black color scheme along with raw steel color presents a modern look which the stretchable headphone adds a flavor of vintage, like the antenna

Outstanding Sound Quality

With the metal mesh cavity and large size driver, this model really excels most headset with its more balanced low, medium and high frequency, broader sound stage. Designed with high impedance it will have a better a rich and favorable sound performance if you made it right

Adjustable Headphone.

BL-30 is designed with a stretchable slide part on each side so that you can adjust the position based on your head size. It’s not like the normal adjustable headband but based on friendly using experience we made some adjustments. With it, no worries about fitting issue. The leather protection part on the headband is removable too so make it in your own style as you wish

Wide Compatibility.

The universal 3.5mm plug can work for most devices, PC, tablets. No worry about changing the plug back and forth. Also the cable is detachable. You can replace the cable with your favorite one too

Inside the Box

  • 1 x BLON BL-30
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The BLON BL-30 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

150ohms(high impedance)
Frequency range
Cable length
Open back

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sean Toohey
Big impact bass!

If. You are not a critical listner and just care about impactful bass and drums you might like these. There were pretty severe problems getting a good seal with my first batch cans.

Tourrea Wright
Good for the price...BUT

good set of cans but the build is what drags this down

I Like the Sound. Hate the Fit!

The mounting from the band to the cups is so stiff that the cups do not contact my head below my ears. I like the sound especially for the price, but I find I can only wear them for a hour or so because they cause discomfort due to the fit. Too much pressure is put on the spot above the ear where the cups contact my head.

Poor build quality, poor sound quality, moddable, promising tonal balance

The headphones arrived unwearable. It took a week of tinkering with the metal headband before I could actually wear them. The foam pad is uncomfortable and does little to mask the metal band underneath. Dekoni nuggetz or something similar is necessary. The cups themselves are sturdy, due to using metal in the construction, but also heavy, and the stiff headband does not mitigate the problem.

The upper mids and treble have a thick veil that can't be overcome with a brighter amp or different mods. The imaging is wonky, and everything sounds like it's coming from above the listener, rather in front of them. The bass and lower mids are engaging, but not enough to recoup its other failings.

I like the direction of the tonal balance, the warmth and overall balance, but the failure of design, the thick veil, and discomfort make these a pass for me.

Nick Santos


VERY pleasantly surprised..

I just recieved these today(11 total days from shipment to delivery in the US-during covid!), and I couldn't be happier. I had read all these bad reviews complaining about not fitting properly, leading to no seal around the ear, ect. But, I don't understand that, as they fully articulate, vertically, and horizontally. There was no problem with the bottoms digging into the ear lobe, while the top of the can tilts away from the head. As I had read over and over, again. I have a smaller-sized head, and due to the fact these are fully adjustable, in the same way others are, it is easy to get them properly fitted for a perfect seal, and no sound quality loss, from any unsealed cups. The sound is very enjoyable, out of the box. Nice case, and cable, as well. Great sounding, and the lows sound great. I dont understand why all those bad reviews were complaining about not fitting properly, without bending them, ect. Maybe, that was the first batch, and they fixed it? But it is even clearly visible in the pics, that the cans are fully adjustable, and not stuck in that bottom in, top tilted away from the head orientation, as has been reported, by so many. I read so many reviews that said unless you had a huge head, they were useless...I can only imagine that these reviews were made by people out to make the cans look bad, as they clearly have not had the pleasure of using them. As they are great fun, regardless of size/shape of the head. Do not worry, they WILL fit all(a great fit, as well), but perhaps not small children.
I HIGHLY recommend these. They sound great, the build quality is solid, and the price is amazing!

Also, they are being sold and shipped domestically, by amazon, right now. Prime shipping, and in your hands in a day or two, since they are not coming from China..same price, too!

Very nice and big with a few quirks

A very nice sounding pair of headphones, when I first gave them a listen they sounded a bit dark all around, but after listening to more tracks with them I still found sounds above a certain frequency still sound like what they're supposed to sound. Also has a really wide soundstage, perfect for live tracks. Bass is very nice especially for an open back, must be the 70mm doing work. Some things to point out, however, are that the pads feel stiff and scratchy after wearing them for a while, and the screws that hold the cup and the adjustment slider become loose and start giving fit problems. I constantly have to tighten the screws every few days so I can get a clamp on the bottom part of the pads. Overall a very nice headphone that can also be used for modding because of it's price and fully metal construction.

Blon BL30, sounds pretty

Got these on sale and I am actually surprised with how well they fit me after all the complaints I have read based on the fit. They sound great, very different sound signature than I am not used to. They do good with bass, sound spacious compares to my old HD6xx. I honestly prefer these over my HD6xx which sound dead with no bass. I have no complaints, I love the sound, separation, ear pads. Blon did a good job.

These are paired up with my LG v60 using poweramp. The sound signature is very interesting coming from a monitor background. It sounds bassy, the instruments sound as if they are underneath the bass but are warm and detailed to my ears.

Can’t say anything good about these.

I love both the blon 01-03 which is why I thought I’d give these a try. I don’t know why blon makes these. They have such a good fanbase. Why put out these garbage cans. I have a revised version and the fit is horrible I can’t imagine how bad they were before revision. Not only is the fit really bad. The sound isn’t good at all. Very dark and muddy sounding. I’d stay away at all cost if I were you. Save $100 buy some apple earbuds they’ll sound better than these. B

If Sennheisers 560s and Avantone pro planers had a baby

Outstanding sound quality especially for their price point. Epic soundstage! Lucky for me I have no problem with the fit. For those bitching about ergonomics..I challenge you to get a pair of headphones with this sound quality for under $300.00. LoveLinsoulBlon

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