HiFi Portable USB DAC Amplifier

    ESS9281 AC PRO High Quality Chip&Dual Independent Op Amp Chip
    Designed For Headphone&High Impedance Devices
    Mqa Reproduction Of Mastering-Grade Sound Quality
    Anti-Glare Glass Shell
    The 3Pro has a powerful drive ability. In the case of low gain, when the volume increases to 40%, the phenomenon of overdrive may occur, there will be noise or no sound.
    (Using headset of 16 ohms and lower than it, there is a risk of over-push/drive damage to the headphone!) This kind of over-push/drive is a normal phenomenon.
    Solution: turn down the gain and volume, then re-plugging.
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ESS9281 AC PRO High Quality Chip&Dual Independent Op Amp Chip

Beam 3Pro adopts the ESS9281 AC PRO high-performance chip. It supports decoding PCM/DXD sampling rate up to 32-bit/768kHz. With the independent operational amplifier chip, even your cellphone and computer can be a HiFi device

Designed For Headphone&High Impedance Devices

Beam 3Pro imitates the HiFi system, through the decoding chip, to achieve independent two-stage amplification of the left and right channels. Driving power is 1.5 times that of beam 2SE, and can even drive 600Ω impedance headphones, it can be said to be the best choice for headphones

Mqa Reproduction Of Mastering-Grade Sound Quality

MQA files can be replayed on almost any device with higher sound quality than CDs. Beam 3Pro supports MQA renderer, which can expand the third layer of MQA audio files to replay the original recording with true, rich musical detail

Wide Compatibility&Gain Adjustment

Beam 3Pro comes with a 3.5mm single-ended output, with lightning and USB adapter, it can worl with your Android and Apple device, even your computer. Designed with gain adjustment intelligent light, 3 gain levels available for you to adjust it to be suitable to your device

Anti-Glare Glass Shell&Lightweight

it is designed with a brand-new look to combine glass and acrylic together, more elegant and modern. The overall look is so exquisite. The palm size device weighs only 23g and is easy to carry everywhere anytime. Feel free to make it your daily device

Gain Adjustment Intelligent Light

Short Press: High (Red)/Medium (Yellow)/Low (Green) Gain Switch
High Gain:2.88Vrms
Medium Gain:1.65Vrms
Low Gain:427mVrms

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The AUDIRECT BEAM3 PRO Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Decoder chip
Op Amp
Dual Independent Op Amp Chip*2
3.5mm SE
Frequency response
Input interface
Output Power
L Gain: 427mVrms
M Gain: 1.65Vrms
H Gain: 2.88Vrms
Maximum Power
115mw(16R), 150mw(32R),13mW(6OoR)
Distortion + Noise (THD+N)
Sampling rate
Up to 32-bit/768kHz
Support DSD
Up to DSD512
Supports MQA renderer
What's in the Package?
-Beam 3Pro
-Type-c to Type-c Cable
-USB Adapter
-Lightning Adapter
-User Manua

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