Audio Ehhiku

High Performance 3DD + 4BA Hybrid Drivers in-Ear Earphone

    Unique Tuning Strategies
    2* 8.5mm Wrinkle Less Diaphragm DD,1* 8.7mm Titanium Diaphragm DD & 4 Custom BA Drivers
    Detachable MMCX Cable
    Ergonomic Design
    Made of industry standard medical-grade UV resin
    Handcrafted IEMs with a maximum of 2 pcs made per day
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About Audio Ehhiku

Audio Ehhiku was founded by a freelance engineer who has built up a sizable reputation in the DIY in-ear monitor (IEM) community throughout Asia. By using advanced crossover designs that far exceed the primitive single-order passes that most other IEM’s utilize, Audio Ehhiku is able to achieve the ideal target tunings with extreme precision. With a vision for paramount sound quality and bespoke character, Audio Ehhiku is committed to hand-crafting each earpiece in small batches and continually innovating the field of in-ear monitors by implementing unique tuning strategies with the latest driver technologies.

High-end 3DD + 4BA Hybrid Configuration

Audio Ehhiku features dual 8.5mm wrinkle-less diaphragm dynamic drivers, one 8.7mm titanium diaphragm dynamic driver, and four custom balanced armature drivers to ensure that the sound is true to what it was intended to be. With the upgrade of the drivers, the sound quality is upgraded. These designs allow Ehhiku to have an ultra-wideband, analytical that feels nothing is lost, fast transients, and a powerful dynamic. Whether you are a performing artist, a studio engineer, or just a lover of great music, the Ehhiku could be one of your choices.

Each driver is tuned to perform at its optimal frequency range, minimizing the total harmonic distortion while maximizing the audio resolution that BA drivers are famed for. This tuning approach allows the sub bass and bass to be deep and impactful without hindering upon the mids, which is kept at a neutral position to emphasize a natural tone. The BA tweeters utilized for the trebles in the Ehhiku are modified from the famed ‘Harman Curve’ survey but go further to extend the treble decay in order to better highlight harmonics and details, while increasing the perceived “airiness” in the music. In short, the accuracy of Ehhiku ’s engineering means that its tuning is fit to amazing performers and listeners of every instrument and genre.

Quality Upgrade Cable

To best highlight the Ehhiku ’s impressive sound, it has been paired with an upgraded copper silver-plated cable. Featuring the MMCX connection, the cable can be easily swapped to prolong the longevity of the IEM, as well as allow customization of your setup. The MMCX connectors chosen for the Ehhiku have been tested to meet the highest quality standards available and will provide a secure fit for the lifespan of the IEM.

Bespoke Design

The Ehhiku is handcrafted using industry standard medical-grade UV resin that is popular amongst the biggest IEM brands internationally. The quality resin provides both durability and comfort to the Ehhiku, and its ergonomic shell design means you won’t even notice your IEM’s during long performing or listening sessions. Because every Ehhiku unit is handcrafted, each shell design is unique and bespoke.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Audio Ehhiku
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Audio Ehhiku Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

4 balanced armature (BA) and 3 dynamic drivers
16 ohm
Medical-grade UV resin
Frequency response range

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Veeradet Thumtecho
Im a Beginner and Bass player

Im just use portable DAC , the bass and drum kick is nice.

rock on !

Very different presentation from Hekilis which i found a hint hot on some songs in the treble area. Not the case here.
The presentation is "in your face" which give them body and weight. Drums thumps really good.
Ehhiku is my go to iem for everything with electric guitars . 90s rock shine on it. Metal is also very good on it.
The value is impressive, I own several 1k iems and Ehhiku sits between them.

The tuning lord strikes again

Short story long -
I have the Audio Hekili for comparison, notes on my review below
"...sound like a concert hall with main emphasis on the bass although mids and highs are still clear and non-sibilant...warm, v-shape sound signature ... Soundstage, tonality, and imaging are great. They're also not difficult to drive."

Ehhiku is a bit bigger(might not reflect clearly on the pics but you will feel the difference when you're A/B testing both)

stems are retained so no changes there, a minor gripe I discovered is that AZLA Sednas will lose grip over time and may come off more easily as you use them, probably due to my sweaty head. I've lost a pair after some months of daily use because the stem doesn't have an edge that the tips can grab on to so you need to use the tightest wrapping tips that you can possibly fit(Moondrop's tips are a good example, and maybe comply foams)

at the same volume setting, the playback is louder on the ehhiku so they're slightly easier to drive

more forward on the mids and highs, they essentially traded atmosphere/soundstage for clarity, and made the overall presentation more intense and in your face. I'd describe it as the Hekili has all of the players be spread apart and all of them are playing at a relatively similar volume, but you can hear the bass without trying to look for it whereas the Ehhiku sets the bassist and the kickdrums a bit towards the back, while the pianos, guitars and vocalist are front and center. You can still hear the bass but you'd have to focus. Setting the volume to where the bass matches the Hekili on this set will cause pain in the mids/highs. The clarity on the other hand is where this set shines. Micro instruments and chimes and flourishes are just there, no need to focus just to find them. They are similar timbre-wise so no discernable change over the quality of the vocals/strings other than the loudness.

they're less expensive than the previous iterations(this costs 100USD less, 199 vs 299) that I feel is due to the config of the drivers and maybe the cable as well(?) the tips and case are relatively similar(different color on the case and stock cable)no cable qc issues this time so that is a relief

Long story short - Conclusion
Absolute value for the money. They are great at the technicals-instrument separation is great, as well as no discernable distortion at high volumes. Soundstage is decent, and has a fairly neutral-bright sound signature which is weird considering the setup implies a bass-heavy config(3DD-4BA vs 1DD-7BA on the Hekili) so you may want to use a warmer source than a neutral one if you prefer a more relaxed sound which is also the case for me.

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