Shozy Form 1.4
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Shozy Form 1.4

by Jessie Lee on Feb 20, 2020

4BA+1DD Hybrid Driver

Based on Shozy Form1.1, Form1.4 equips with four balanced armature and one dynamic driver for sub-bass-mids region. The Large diameter dynamic driver can move a lot of air while keeping the bass attack and response fast and accurate. The BA is tuned to sound lush and controlled. You can hear clean cymbals, clear vocals

Metallic Venting and Nozzle

Metallic back air vent design is developed for the dynamic driver to adjust the air pressure inside the chamber to control the bass decay and it’s positioned on the side without blockage when inserted. While the quality metallic nozzle is premium built for durability

Improted Wooden Faceplate

The faceplate is made from imported wood materials with which you can get different faceplate with each pair as there’s no one is the exactly same. Each pair of earphones is unique. The handmade body also adopts the latest 3D printing framework and is post processed by applying resin top coat, polished by craftsmen manually

2 Pin Detachable Cable

Coming with the Form 1.4 earphones are a fabric-shielded high purity copper cable chosen for the project. There is good synergy for this combo and metallic parts and terminations are chosen for better durability and sound

Driver Configurations

1 Shozy Custom Dynamic Driver - light weight, fast and responsive - accurate reproduction of sound with low distortion - quick bass attack with good details - great strength/ durability - better resolution 4 Shozy Custom Balanced Armature - responsible for the treble extension and upper mids - tuned to sound lush and controlled - natural presentation and a lot of air and treble details - fatigue-less tuning while you can hear clean cymbals, clear vocals