Highest-quality Bluetooth codecs

    Bluetooth 5.0 AKM AK4377A
    With Universal MMCX Hi-Fi Bluetooth Neckband Adapter
    AptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, AAC, LDAC and LHDC for uncompromised sound quality
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Flagship Bluetooth Chip

The Shanling MW200 is equipped with a flagship-level Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm, the CSR8675. It provides Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with hi-res codec support such as LDAC, AptX HD, HWA LHDC, AptX LL, and much more. The MW200 provides a seamless Bluetooth connection with proper audio-video synchronization making the adapter apt choice for watching movies and playing games. The Bluetooth connection is strong and lag-free.

Built-In AKM DAC

The Shanling MW200 features a high-performance DAC chip, AK4377A. It provides clean sound decoding ensuring the best sound output for the users. The MW200 has a Signal to Noise Ratio of 119dB ensuring a dark noise-free background in the music. It can also be used as a USB DAC with PCs.

Universal MMCX Connector Type with SPC Neckband Cable.

The Shanling MW200 is currently announced with universal MMCX connectors. So all the IEMs with universal MMCX connectors are compatible with the MW200 and can be used wirelessly with it. We are hoping the brand will also announce a 2-pin variant too. The Neckband cable is made up of high-quality quad-core silver-plated copper wrapped in skin-friendly silicone material. It is also equipped with Knowles Mic, which provides crystal clear voice quality over calls

IPX4 Water Resistant Rating

The Shanling MW200 has got an IPX4 waterproof rating. It is splash and sweat proof from all the directions. Users can enjoy their IEMs wirelessly while working out without worrying about sweat damaging their earphones

Long Battery Life

The Shanling MW200 has a battery life of up to 14 hours on SBC codec and up to 11 hours on LDAC Hi-res codec playback. Users will be able to enjoy high-quality music all day long without any interruptions. If 14 hours feels less, users can quickly charge their MW200 using the USB Type-C charging port. It has a standby time of up to 500 hours. The Shanling MW200 houses several other features like NFC pairing, Companion app on Android and iOS, OTA firmware updates, and much more. It is priced at 119$ and will be available shortly for pre-order. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SHANLING MW200
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The SHANLING MW200 Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Bluetooth codecs
Bluetooth chip
Qualcomm CSR8675
Audio chip
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 5.0
Transmission distance
up to 10 meters
Knowles SiSonic
Output power
Output impedance
Signal to noise ratio
119 dB
Channel separation
99 dB
0.004 %
Battery life
up to 14 hours
up to 500 hours
up to 2 hours
Battery capacity
340 mAh
Type-C interface, supports USB DAC mode

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Klaus Werner
Neutral and resolving

Neutral and resolving. BT works well - pairing is a breeze (and automatic after the 1rst time). The necklace is actually a good idea: it can't fall down like other BT gadgets. I'm using it with a pair of ME500 in cases where my M5s is not practical (walking on the street etc.).

Nikolai Vasin
Amazing everything!

Perfect to my taste!

Excellent so far

I've had the MW200 for a month and I've been using them with the Tin T2 Pro through my Xperia with LDAC. Sounds fantastic and well above my expectations.


I can't give my review because the item never arrived, the local courier forged a delivery receipt at 1am on December 31st and linsoul couldn't do anything. A pity, I hope it doesn't happen to you I lost 150 dlls, since there were more products

Joshua Carey
Great device, thought the wires were too short at first but they were wrapped around the neckband

I'm updating this review to 5 stars. I originally thought the wires were too short however upon going to take a photo in the mirror I noticed that the wires must've both gotten wrapped around the neck band legs when I was first trying them out. I'm new to these neck band style units so keep this in mind if you're new to them like I am. The sound is pretty good but no adjustable EQ or filters when running high quality codecs like LDAC which kinda sucks cause I feel like a lot of my music could be tuned a bit better for my earbuds(CCA C16). Now I'm looking to get something that does MQA as I have TIDAL but feel like the quality isn't near there yet.

Gardy Tucto
Nice and portable

I got really surprised by the quality of the sound. A really good product and fast shipping

Robert Campbell
Excellent addition to your personal listening equipment

I have been looking for a higher-end bluetooth device that would provide longer battery life, call quality, and the latest bluetooth components. I looked at similar products like the BTX2 and did not find anything with stable reviews with mmcx connectors. When I stumbled on a Shanling MW200 review, I knew I found something really different.

It took about 2 weeks before the MW200 arrived. The "Shop" app helped keep track. The MW200 was well packed with plenty of bubble wrap. After unpacking, I was presented with a plain white box with a picture of the MW200 on the front and a small description on the back. Opening up the box and taking off the plastic covering, the MW200 sat in a plastic molded tray- simple, plain and a nice presentation. I ran my fingers over the whole unit, looking at every part of it. The rubber that goes around the neck is supple and soft. This will not break. The reviews say that the ends are made of glass. Both the rubber and the glass felt like the same as my Apple Watch and band. Where the buttons are, the material is hard plastic but not cheap in any way. The buttons are easily felt, as they are raised, far apart enough, and located on the left-hand side. A gold logo "Shanling" was imbedded on both sides.

I looked under the tray and found an instruction manual, charging cable, a nice storage bag, and a small packet of mmcx gap gaskets. The charging cable was usb-A - usb-C. I connected the MW200 to to my MacBook Pro. The usb-c connection is under the unit. I noted that there is no cover for this port and so will be prone to getting dirt into it. Knowing that it is IPX4 means that this might not be a problem.

I also took a look at the instruction manual which is very poor. For example, the instructions are for Android, but not an iPhone. Lacking was instruction for putting the MW200 into pairing mode. Linsoul provided a chat option on their web site and they provided a better instruction manual. Also, if other reviews did not mention an app, I would not know by the manual.

The app allows the user to manipulate the sound through an equalizer, choosing from the multiple codecs, and it provides a better instruction manual. It also shows what codec is being used and how much battery is left. It is simple and smart, but there is room to improve. For example, I could only access the settings and manual for the MW200 if it is connected. One should be able to look at the settings and change them without the connection by having the last settings stored. Second, The expanded manual helped, but there were some holes there too. For example, there are four filters to choose from, but no instruction on what filter does what to the sound. The good news is that the app is evolving, and so there is plenty of room to improve.

It did not take long for the MW200 to charge. When the light turned green, I connected my Pinnacle P1 to the MW200. The rubber gaskets weren't needed. Be careful. These are easily lost-as I have already lost one. I put the Pinnacles in my ears and turned the MW200 on by pushing the button on the top for about 3 seconds. The MW200 did not show up on on my iPhone right away. I turned it off and then entered it into pairing mode by holding down the power button for 5 seconds and saw the button flash blue and red. It showed up on my iPhone and the unit told me it was connected. There was very little sound at first, but after turning up my iPhone all the way and then turning up the volume on the MW200, the volume was more than adequate. So, be aware. Turn your volume up on the source and control the volume on the MW200. I began to explore the app and the sound options, did some additional research as mentioned above, and started putting the MW200 through its paces.

Sound: The sound was wonderful. I had to make sure that I chose AAC and AptX. I could not check out the other codecs because Apple does not support them. Separation and balance was wonderful. Sound stage was amazing. Listening to a piece of music that had a knock on the door, I actually turned around to see where the sound came from! My P1 sounded as good, if not better than they ever did because of the built-in DAC.

Battery: Easily 14 hours.

Quirks: When connecting to my phone and computer. switching to the computer, the sound was consistently skipped for about 30 seconds before stabilizing. Disconnecting and reconnecting the app created this problem; It was supposed to be AptX on the computer, but the app shows AAC; phone call does not interrupt music and so I can miss a call (big issue); have to disconnect the app for codecs to switch; after disconnect, the music does not automatically reconnect and resume; no instructions to update the firmware in iOS phones; and, no mmcx to .75 mm adapter? I want new IE buds for these. Offer a steep discount or include them.

The experience with the MW200 is worth the purchase. Shanling has definitely created ...

Adrian Lupsaiu
Very good product ... almost exceptional.

The product feels and looks premium.
I use SHANLING MW200 paired with Campfire Polaris in-ear headphones.
The bluethooth connection is on LDAC (OOPO FIND X2 smartphone). After 2 hours of music listening and phone calls, the device still have 80% battery.
The call quality is good, with no echo or background noise.
The songs listened to on Tidal or Spotify are clearly heard; low, medium and high frequencies are where they should be.

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