4BA Replaceable Frequency Dividing Faceplate In-Ear Earphone

    Four-driver combination of Knowles 22955 + 29689 + 31736
    3 pairs of replaceable faceplates, the possibilities of countless voices
    Easy to replace the faceplates
    stainless steel precision art
    Stable and reliable connection
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Sound is the art of balance. Generally, it is impossible to achieve popular, balanced, positive, and transparent and beautiful in the same earphone.However, the NE4 Evolution can obtain the above. The circuit structure, electrical parameters, and types of resistance-capacitance components can be changed, and the range of sound changes is huge. At the same time, under different circuit architectures, NE4 Evolution can be not only 4 drivers, but also 3 drivers, 2 drivers or even single driver. It only needs to replace the faceplate to get a completely different sound,without repeated consumption, one = innumerable.

Pop faceplate (red)
Pop music needs full low frequency and abundant dynamics. The pop faceplate adopts the classic low + mid + 2 high frequency three-way architecture design to improve the low frequency volume and texture, retaining the original dynamics of the driver, the sound field is magnificent, majestic, and full Surging sense of hearing.

Reference faceplate (black)
A balanced sound requires restraint and control. The reference faceplate adopts a three-way architecture design of ultra-low + full frequency + 2 high frequency, which controls the energy distribution of the full frequency band to the right degree, and accurately controls the dynamics of the overall sound, the sound is calm, clean, and reference sound.

Transparent faceplate (blue)
In order to keep the sound transparent and clean, the transparent faceplate uses the full frequency + 2 high frequency two-way architecture design, the full frequency driver maintains the integrity of the music, and the two high frequency drivers provide excellent high frequency response and ductility, sound gorgeous, and moving.

Simple operation

For commodities, ease of operation is very important. The NE4 Evolution faceplate and frequency divider are combined into one. Only screws can be used to replace the faceplate and sound at the same time. Whether it is the standard faceplate or the follow-up special tuning faceplate, is the same simple operation, very different sound.

Classic American Knowles 4 balanced armature driver

The driver is the base of the sound, and the driver is good enough to get a better sense of hearing. NE4 Evolution adopts the classic four-driver combination of Knowles 22955 + 29689 + 31736 (composite driver), with full cover of low frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency. With high-quality sound bottom and different frequency dividing faceplates, every sound can stand the test.

CNC precision-carved shell & High quality cable

Metal not only has a super texture, but also a long service life. CNC precision carving is a pearl of precision metal processing technology. NE4 Evolution adopts 5-axis CNC precision carving to process a whole piece of aviation aluminum ingot and stainless steel, achieving a good balance in weight and strength. Only exquisite products and evolving souls can exchange for long-term company. The impedance, capacitive reactance and inductive reactance of the earphone cable will have a significant impact on the sound. NE4 Evolution comes standard with Litz structure 5N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable, with up to 280 cores, lower impedance, lower skin effect and proximity effect, making the sound details more, the sound field is open, and the tone is relax.

Stable and reliable connection

The frequency divider is replaceable, and the connection between the driver and the frequency divider is the top priority. The driver end adopts military-grade spring probes, which has lower distributed capacitance and inductance. The gold-plated layer is as high as 10μ and has passed the life test of 100,000 times. The frequency divider adopts PCB pad + copper pillar design, which is stable. The stability and reliability of the connection are as important as innovation, and all the details are for a more excellent user experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x NF AUDIO NE4
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The NF AUDIO NE4 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Sound insulation
2pin 0.78mm 5N silver-plated OFC cable
Frequency response
9-20kHz -Pop faceplate (red)
18-22kHz- Reference faceplate (black)
20-30kHz- Transparent faceplate (blue)
104dB/mw -Pop faceplate (red)
108dB/mw - Reference faceplate (black)
110dB/mw - Transparent faceplate (blue)
6Ω -Pop faceplate (red)
10Ω - Reference faceplate (black)
22Ω - Transparent faceplate (blue)
NE4 Evolution
3 pairs of replaceable faceplates
5N silver-plated OFC cable
6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter
3 pairs of balanced silicone eartips
4 pairs of atmosphere silicone eartips
3 pairs of screws
Allen wrench
MD style leather case

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