Leisurely Audio L6

Single Side 6 BA Configuration

    3 Frequency Division
    Upgrade Cable
    Ergonomic Shape
    Noise Reduction
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Since 2010, our company has been focusing on OEM services for high-end customized brands for a long time, providing ODM services (Original Design Manufacturer) for several domestic brands in China, and officially entered the overseas Hi-fi market in 2015, in the follow-up Head-Fi overseas Due to our outstanding product quality at the exhibition, we have won a large number of overseas OEM customers. We have accumulated profound experience in IEM appearance development, tuning development, cavity development, and internal tuning structure development. However, due to the 2020 epidemic, we have suffered a huge impact in overseas markets. Leisurely is our brand new node from behind the scenes. We are willing to provide super high sound configuration and perfect sound experience and super high-cost performance. Come let everyone get the joy of enjoying music, and we mainly gain the reputation and love of every fan.


The 6BA sound configuration can be regarded as a mid-range or higher configuration in the field of IEM headphones. L6 uses 38D1X as the ultra-low frequency group, 33AJ as the mid-frequency group, and 2389D as the high-frequency group. The emergence of extremely low frequencies, especially the Sonion38 series, will let you experience the low-frequency performance that you have never felt before, comparable to the DD low-frequency longitudinal depth and strong texture. At the same time, the rebound is faster and stronger. It is also very obvious in rock music and electronic music. The frequency details are lacking, but the music taste is also strong.


The biggest feature of the L series is that the BA's grade is great high. Like the 38D1X in the low-frequency band and the 23 series in the high-frequency band, they have generally been used in over $2000 HIFI products. Although the drivers are imported from Knowles and Sonion, they are of different series. driver prices vary widely. The cost of BA of the high-end HIFI product line is several times that of the so-called domestic customized drivers and disassembled drivers, not the BA of the HIFI product line. When you choose an earphone, if it is not a branded earphone, then the material is the most intuitive to see whether it is conscience. The L series is a series with solid materials. The tuning selects the widely acclaimed solution among the many foundry solutions, and the risk of the mature solution is low. If you want Hifi, the L series is a good choice with high-cost performance.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Leisurely Audio L6
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Leisurely Audio L6 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product modeL
Leisurely L6
Technical parameters
single side 6 BA 3 frequency division
112dB SPL/mW
Frequency Response Curve
Passive noise reduction
Sonion 38D1XJ007MI/8A *1 
Sonion 33AJ007I/9 *1 
Sonion 2389D *1
Standard socket
0.78mm flexible two-pin notch socket
Standard cable
0.78mm 2Pin-3.5mm plug-8 core-high purity OFC silver-plated
Tactile packaging box*1
Standard update cable*1
Leather earphone storage box*1
Earphone cleaning brush*1
Silicone sleeve large/ medium/ small suit*1

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