Wideband dynamic driver unit IEMs

  • Unveiling the Symphony of Feathers and Music
  • Hand-Drawn Uniqueness
  • High-Performance Dual-Chamber Unit
  • Deep Collaboration with Top-Tier 3D Printing Suppliers
  • Acoustic System
  • Equipped with Higher-Quality Cables
  • Popular Vocal Tuning
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Unveiling the Symphony of Feathers and Music

In the ethereal dance of feathers and ink, the wings of music unfurl, and poetic thoughts take flight. The drifting of feathers and ink becomes the soul's touch, the wellspring of inspiration, and the nurturing force of emotions. Let our music, accompanied by Plume, blossom into the most exquisite chapters, timeless and graceful.

Hand-Drawn Uniqueness

Experience the individuality of each Plume with its custom hand-drawn Black Feather appearance. Crafted through HeyGears' advanced 3D printing technology, these solid semi-transparent resin shells boast a seamless one-piece design, epitomizing high-end craftsmanship and elegance.

High-Performance Dual-Chamber Unit

In collaboration with Mr. Xie Yu, a high-end unit supplier associated with Sennheiser and B&O, we present a high-performance dual-chamber unit. This mature framework underwent fine-tuning and enhancement during our collaboration, ensuring Plume delivers exceptional bass quality and a captivating vocal listening experience.

Deep Collaboration with Top-Tier 3D Printing Suppliers

Achieving precise acoustic structures through a profound partnership with leading 3D printing suppliers. Plume's scientifically pleasing sound curve strikes a balance, leaning slightly towards the mid and lower range. With excellent bass atmosphere, texture, and no muddiness, Plume offers a well-balanced sound tuning that surpasses its price range.

Acoustic System

Employing our exclusive A.W.C.T acoustic tuning technology to optimize sound performance, Plume unravels textured sound details, setting a new standard for immersive audio experiences.

Equipped with Higher-Quality Cables

Plume comes with a superior silver-plated cable featuring eight strands and a 0.78 double-pin design, enhancing the overall sound experience. The cable's metal appearance, adorned with a high-cost non-equal curved surface design, not only ensures superior performance but also adds an elegant visual touch to your auditory journey.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x INTUAURA Plume
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The INTUAURA Plume Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency response range
5Hz-50kHz(Free Field)
Effective frequency response range
DC impedance
127dB/Vrms @ 1kHz(3dB)
Total Harmonic distortion
<0.05% @1kHz
Plug specifications
0.78mm dual pins
Cable length
1.2 meters(±0.1 meters)

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