HiBy R3 Pro Saber 2022

Portable Two-Way Bluetooth Touchscreen Hi-Fi Network Music Player

    Flagship Dual ES9219 DAC Chips
    Excellent Operating System & Custom Themes
    Dual Crystal Oscillators & High-Performance FPGA
    Two-Way Bluetooth 5.0 & HiBy Link
    Excellent Mage Sound 8-Ball Tuning
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Flagship Dual ES9219 DAC Chips

Utilizing critically acclaimed QUAD DAC+ technology and patented 32-bit HyperStream Ⅲ DAC architecture, the ES9219's integrated SABRE DAC supports up to 32-bit 384kHz PCM, DSD256 audio data and MQA 16x unfolding. The HiBy R3 Pro Saber 2022 reduces signal path distances, producing a highly coherent soundstage.

Excellent Operating System & Custom Themes

As a HiBy Music's platform product, HiByOS is continually updated for the latest audio formats and features with smoother operation and more user-friendly interface. Besides, the HiBy R3 Pro Saber 2022 features custom themes to improve your music experience's visual quality, meaning that this updated version allows creating your own theme in a few simple steps.

Dual Crystal Oscillators & High-Performance FPGA

Equipped with dual crystal oscillators clocked in the outside precisely at 22.5792 and 24.576MHz to handle 44.1x (including DSD) and 48x (including MQA) kHz audio streams with the utmost precision, the R3 Pro Saber 2022 player boasts minimal jitter, further improving coherence of any music playback.

Two-Way Bluetooth 5.0 & HiBy Link

Supporting Two-way Bluetooth 5.0, HiBy R3 Pro Saber 2022 majors in Hi-Res Bluetooth formats, including UAT, LDAC, aptX, AAC, and SBC. Please kind note that APTX does not support two-way. The Saber updated version also allows any smartphone to remotely control player playback, volume control, and playlist management, etc.

Excellent Mage Sound 8-Ball Tuning

Straightforward and easy to use, everyone can be a tuning expert. The R3 Pro characterizes MSEB, a combination of multiple algorithms based on parametric equalizer (PEQ) and sound field adjustments to attune to your preferences. It is worth mentioning that the Saber updated version can improve the visual quality in your music experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HiBy R3 Pro Saber 2022
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The HiBy R3 Pro Saber 2022 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the Digital Audio Players only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Test conditions:
•3.5mm PO: 32 ohms loaded
•2.5mm BAL: 32 ohms loaded
Output power:
•3.5mm PO:101mW
•2.5mm BAL: 340mW
Maximum output voltage:
•3.5mm PO: 1.8Vrms
•2.5mm BAL: 3.3Vrms
Rated output voltage:
•3.5mm PO: 1.5Vrms
•2.5mm BAL: 2.6Vrms
THD + Noise:
•3.5mm PO: 0.00002
•2.5mm BAL: 0.00002
Residual noise:
•3.5mm PO: ≤2.5uV
•2.5mm BAL: ≤3uV
Signal to noise ratio (SNR):
•3.5mm PO: 118dB
•2.5mm BAL: 120dB
Frequency response:
•3.5mm PO: 20Hz-90kHz
•2.5mm BAL: 20Hz-90kHz
Channel separation:
•3.5mm PO: 63dB
•2.5mm BAL: 93dB
Dynamic range:
•3.5mm PO: 116dB
•2.5mm BAL: 119dB

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