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Dual cavity dual magnetic circuit

With a flagship-level unit configuration and powerful acoustic performance, EPZ's continuous innovation has created new possibilities for music. The dual-cavity design accurately separates and reconciles the frequency response to achieve a balanced presentation of the full frequency band, making the sound smoother and without frequency beating. The dual-magnetic circuit design optimizes the magnetic current to ensure the magnetic and thermal stability of the drive unit under high loads, thereby reducing harmonic distortion and improving the resolution and clarity of sound. The combination of these two designs increases the width and depth of the sound field, enhances the dynamic range, and gives the tone a richer sense of layering. At the same time, it is more in line with the hearing habits of the human ear, making the authenticity of the music more three-dimensional, and providing music lovers with an immersive listening experience.

Self-developed ceramic carbon nanocomposite diaphragm

The rare ceramic carbon nano diaphragm, with its hard and light characteristics, provides fast response and high resolution, ensuring accurate reproduction of music materials. High hardness and strong stability, even under high-power drive, can reduce distortion and ensure pure and high-fidelity sound. The low internal resistance design makes it agile in current response, wide in dynamic range, full in tone, and distinct in layering. This is a unique combination of physics and acoustics, which provides a strong guarantee for the performance of natural sound quality.

Skin-friendly resin cavity

3D printing of skin-friendly resin cavities is the core technology of EPZ headphones. We know the dual importance of sound quality and comfort, so we use 3D printing technology and self-developed skin-friendly resin materials to build a unique headphone cavity. This cavity is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort for long-term wear, while its optimized structure further improves sound quality performance. At EPZ, we are committed to providing you with a better and more professional listening experience with the dual commitment of comfort and sound quality.

An all-around player in games and music

Let you enjoy the subtlety of music like an immersive experience. The low-distortion sound performance and precise positioning bring a shocking experience to the game. Whether it is immersed in the ocean of music or immersed in the world of games, you can feel the most realistic and lifelike sound. Let Q5 be your beautiful companion for games and music, and enjoy the passion and emotion.

Stable and reliable MMCX Cable

Equipped with a high-quality silver-plated upgrade lineThe MMCX plug is always stable and reliable, and has withstood the test of long-term and frequent use. Equipped with a high-quality silver-plated upgrade cable to ensure the purity and stability of the sound quality, it brings you a delicate and moving music experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x EPZ Q5
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The EPZ Q5 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Dynamic driver
10MM dual magnetic circuit dual cavity ceramic carbon nano piezoelectric horn
Frequency Range
Main process
Resin 3D printing resin cavity
Plug Diameter
Headphone plug type
4-core single crystal copper plated with silver
Cable length

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