CVJ Konoka

1 Vibrating Driver+ 1 DD +1 BA Hifi Triple Hybrid In-ear Earphones with 4 Acoustic Modes

    Switch Freely Between 4 Modes
    Immersive 3D Audio Experience with Enhanced Sensation
    Cutting-edge Configuration with Enhanced Driver Units
    Exquisite Appearance & Comfortable Lightweight Design
    High-Quality Oxygen-Free Copper Cable
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Switch Freely Between 4 Modes

Effortlessly switch with the electronic toggle to encompass the everyday audio demands of users, featuring four distinct sound modes. Whether immersing in music, precise monitoring, captivating movie sessions, or exhilarating mobile gaming, Konoka excels in all scenarios.

Immersive 3D Audio Experience with Enhanced Sensation

Konoka integrates an innovative vibration unit that harmonizes with audio from movies and games, delivering an immersive experience that perfectly aligns with the atmosphere. The synchronized vibrations accentuate sound effects, providing an authentic 3D encounter.

Cutting-edge Configuration with Enhanced Driver Units

Through relentless innovation by CVJ, Konoka showcases an upgraded setup, comprising a novel vibration unit, a leading 10mm dynamic driver, and a high-frequency balanced armature. This combination creates an immersive three-dimensional stereo sound stage. The dual-chamber design with twin sound output channels enriches the sound field's width and depth, expertly complementing bass frequencies and adding layers to the audio. Impeccable acoustic tuning adds the final touch to the enhanced configuration. The gradual rise in the 1000Hz to 2000Hz range ensures the delivery of pristine and delicate human vocals and musical instruments, highlighting their remarkable brilliance.

Exquisite Appearance & Comfortable Lightweight Design

Crafted from a highly transparent resin trusted in medical applications for safety, the material showcases impressive durability, hardness, and gentle skin compatibility. The fusion of half-matte artistry and transparent cavity creates a harmonious balance, enhancing the enigmatic aesthetic. Designed for comfortable in-ear wear and engineered with an ergonomic cavity, Konoka offers an enjoyable gaming experience without the bulkiness of over-ear headsets. The lightweight design ensures uninterrupted gaming comfort.

High-Quality Oxygen-Free Copper Cable

Equipped with a robust 0.75mm 2-pin gold-plated connector for a stable connection, the enhanced oxygen-free copper cable ensures consistent and swift signal transmission, eliminating delays between audio and video.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x CVJ Konoka
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The CVJ Konoka Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Wire material
Oxygen-Free Copper Cable
Interface type
Pin type
0.75mm 2Pin
Cable Length

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