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Aune X8 image
Aune X8 image
Aune X8 image

Aune X8

Magic DAC Digital-Analog-Converter

    Note: Default OPAmps= OPA2134, Additional Opamps Sets = NJM5532 , OPA2604, MUSES01, LME49720 OP-AMPs included.
    Hi-Res up to 32bit/768k and DSD512.
    Variable Preamp Out
    Aune FPGA Technology
    Seven Filter Modes
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Improves Computer's Sound Quality Brings Out Active Speakers⁵ Full Potential

The X8 can be connected to a computer via USB to be an external DAC that significantly improves the sound quality. And then it can be connected to a pair of active speakers to build a HiFi audio system or a headphone amplifier (eg. the aune X7s) to build a HiFi headphone system.

Hi-Res Formats・Multi-Effects・Multi-Function

The X8 is a DAC of the aune X series. It uses aune's self-developed FPGA tech no logy and supports music files up to PCM768 / DSD512. The Op-amp is interchangeable and there are seven filter modes to choose from. It's a DAC purely focused on sound quality.

Supports Hi-Res Formats

The X8 supports music files up to DSD512 and PCM768k. It satisfies your dema nd for high resolution

Timbre/Detail/Dynamic/Depth - Make Changes at Your Will

After six modifications of wiring optimizations, the X8 peripheral circuit is compatible with all kinds of dual op-amps. Different dual op-amps' characteristics can be fully displayed.

A DAC for Portable Devices Too (corresponding cables needed)

The X8 can be conn ected to an iPhone / Android phone /portable music player via its USB output. The sound quality improvement is instant.

Coaxial Output Supports 384k DSD128

The X8 can be connected to the X5s 6th Anniversary Edition via coaxial to build a HiFi audio system that directly decodes 384k and DSD128 WITHOUT a computer. And then it can be connected to a pair of active speakers to build a small HiFi audio system in your bedroom or study,or a headphone amplifier (eg. the aune X7s) to build a HiFi headphone system.

Fixed Line Out & Variable Preamp Out

The X8 has both fixed line output and variable pre-amp output that uses analog potentiome- ter, which enables it to be either a audio source or a pre-amplifier for active speakers.

Op-Amp Interchangeable

The op-amp at the bottom can be interchanged with a variety of dual op-amps to give the sound dif- ferent timbres. With such a paintbrush in your hand, you can paint your own music world.

Seven Filter Modes

There are seven filter modes for you to choose from. Each gives you a different taste.There's always one for you.

Aesthetic Design

The aune X series has a special arc shape design and golden ratio length to width, giving it great aesthetics.

Self-Developed FPGA Core

The X8 adopted the self-developed FPGA as the processing core of digital signals, which makes DSD128 via coaxial possible. And the digital signals are also cleaner.

Excellent Specifications

Actual measurements: noise: 2.96uV; THD+N: 0.0006%. Excellent specs is the basis of excellent sound

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Aune X8
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Aune X8 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

In put
Maximum bit depth
32bit 24bit 24bit
Maximum sampling rate
768k 384k 192k
Maximum DSD rate
DSD512 DoP128 DoP64
Line output
Output level
2.0 Vrms
Frequency response (20Hz~20kHz)
±0.2 dB
117 dB
0.0006 %
Power adaptor, USB cable, quick guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris Stella
Can't be beat in the price range

The ability to change quality Op Amps in and out is very much like tube rolling and makes this DAC a good choice

Troy Harris
Love, love Aune X8

The best upgrade to my 2 channel system. I love to change op amps to tweak the sound to my liking.(Burson Audio, Sparkos and others. Linsoul shipped me the unit in record time.(Superfast) Thanks!

William Mould Jr
Buy here

They are very fast and get your orders to you quickly. Great customer service and great products.

The Aune Magic DAC sounds great for a fraction of what the pricier models go for.

Shaun Kish
Holy sound stage!

Man, not only did this item only take a week to get to the states from China, this DAC is incredible! I've been using my Denon X2300 for my media, music included. I have a 7.1 with Klipsch RP600m 500c and 500m for surrounds and it's been perfectly fine so far. I've been itching to get a DAC for more detailed listening and this DAC does not disappoint. The soundstage is large and extremely clean. It brightened up my music and gave life when I didn't know it had none. I swapped the op amp with the one they gave me and it's slightly less powerful but gives you a little more body. I liked the one that came pre-installed personally. I look forward to buying an op amp or two in the future to play with the sound even more. That being said, be careful of the screws that hold the cover on. I used the tool given and instantly stripped a screw. Thankfully I had a TR6 bit and got it out. They're in so tight they snap when you bust them loose, so make sure when putting them back in do not over-tighten.

Fun DAC, especially if you swap OP-Amps

It took just over a month for the DAC to arrive in the states after I placed my order, but it was worth the wait. While I was waiting for the DAC to arrive I ordered 4 Op-Amps for swapping. I have now spent the last week listening to the different Op-Amps and I must say this DAC rocks. My only complaint is I wish that the Op-Amp access was on top of the unit. The best Op-Amps are much larger than the chips that the DAC came with, and I have to rest the DAC on it's side because the Op-Amp I have installed hangs out of the bottom of the DAC making it impossible to set it down flat.

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